Season 5 Episode 3

L.A. Woman

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2002 on CBS

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  • Linda is at her best!

    Linda tries to impress a guy she is dating by telling him she is from Los Angeles. She invents this big story about how she goes on business trip for a commodities firm. She goes the extra mile to make her lie as believable as possible.

    Linda doesn't take the spotlight often but this episode is one of these few ones and its wonderful. Shawnee Smith was great here.

    On the other hand, John and Chris, and their bickering wasn't all that great - although I liked how Bob let them have it. It's a side of Bob not frequently seen so it was quite of a surprise.
  • Linda fakes being from Los Angeles to get a guy.

    Outside of his apartment, John's smoking a cigar, but Chris finds it to be a terrible smell, and asks him to put it out, but he refuses. She goes back inside when she notices he's accidentally set his shirt on fire.

    John comes into the office, angry about Chris waking him up at 4 a.m., but Margaret isn't interested in hearing any of it. She tells him about two patients being ready for him, so he walks away. Linda and Margaret chit chat, and Linda reveals a bizarre story about her having to go to the airport, as she's supposed to be coming in from Los Angeles.

    Bob comes in to see Jake, but he's wondering why Bob keeps coming in, since Reggie's not there anymore. Bob tells him he's there to help Jake, as moral support. Jake tells Bob about Amanda, who seems to be painting their apartment, and she lied about the color. John comes in and complains about Chris. Chris comes in, and John and Chris get into an argument about her waking her up.

    Cut to that evening/next morning, Chris is keeping John up by belt-sanding the floor.

    Linda comes into the office, and she's really enjoying her new date, Kevin. Margaret tells her that she's being dishonest with him, and that's not what relationships should be.

    Jake comes over to John's, with a pillow in-hand, and he asks about what color it is. Jake gets angry when John describes the flower-covered pillow. John invites Jake in, so he can talk about his relationship with Amanda. When John hears Chris come home, he goes through the window to smoke a cigar, to upset Chris. Chris comes out, and pours water on John, putting out the cigar. Jake comes out, still concerned about his relationship with Amanda.

    Linda walks in, dressed up again, and she's flying back to Los Angeles, and she actually bought the ticket. John walks in, still angry about Chris.

    At the diner, Jake's complaining to Margaret about he and Amanda. It seems Amanda has also placed a fluffy skirt around the bottom of the bed. Margaret stops him and tells him he's got a good life. Chris comes in, and Jake asks her to close up since he's leaving. John comes in and yells at Chris about her dumping water on her. Bob comes in, and tries to leave when he sees the Chris and John arguing, but they convince him to stay. They want Bob to settle it, so he suggests that they either sleep together or kill each other.

    At the airport, Linda and Kevin are saying goodbye. At the last minute, Kevin surprises Linda by revealing he's purchased a ticket, so he'll be going with her. This obviously throws everything off for Linda.

    Outside of his apartment, John's standing, just looking around when Chris comes out to talk. John brings out a cigar to light, but he doesn't want to bother her. Chris says he can smoke, she can close her window. John decides not to smoke it, and they talk about trying to get along like friends. When Chris' doorbell goes off, John asks about who's she's expecting. He thinks it's a little odd to have a guy over at 11pm. When Chris goes in to answer the door, John lights up the cigar to upset her. Chris acts as though the guy at the door is her lover, but he turns out to be the pizza delivery guy, and he's a little confused by the whole thing.

    This episode was pretty silly. I loved the way Linda's lies came back to bite her.
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