Season 1 Episode 14

Larry Spoke

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 1999 on CBS

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  • A great episode, with great writing!

    At the diner, Reggie is placing coffee cans on the counter to collect rain water because of her leaky roof. A friend of hers, Boyd stops by to see how things are going. John runs in quickly, shouting, "I'm not here, I'm not here", and runs into the bathroom. All of a sudden, a large man runs in asking if there was a guy that ran in here, so Jake said he hasn't seen anyone like that. It turns out that John flipped the guy off in traffic.

    Linda comes into the office, late because of a mishap at the cleaners. Margaret shows Boyd in to the doctor's office. John then comes in to see him. It seems John is psychophrenic, so John suggests that he see a psychologist. Margaret comes in to tell him that a patient of his went into cardiac arrest and is in the hospital. When going through the things she got back from the cleaners, she notices a jacket that isn't hers, but it's very nice.

    At the hospital, John comes in to see the man (Milton), and his daughter comes in to see how he's doing. John thinks that she seems to want him to die on a day that is convenient for her since she's so busy.

    At the diner, Reggie is having her diner's roof worked on. John comes in and they talk about the man in the hospital, as well as Boyd.

    At the office, Boyd drops by to say thanks for the medication. He's able to concentrate at work and he hasn't heard from "Larry" since. Margaret then tells John that the man at the hospital went into cardiac arrest again.

    At the hospital, John is sitting next to Milton's bed when he comes to. He asks if his daughter is there, which she isn't, but John lied to him to put him at ease.

    Back at home, John is awaken by Boyd who has stopped taking his medication because he's lonely, and having Larry around gave him a friend. John tells him to come to the office in the morning.

    At the office, Linda and Margaret are talking about the jacket Linda was given by mistake, from the cleaners. She says she's going to keep it, for all of the things she's lost in their dryers. Milton's daughter stops by to see John. She thanked him for lying to her father. She reveals to John that the reason she doesn't like coming to see him isn't because she's busy at work, it's because she remembers a younger man reading to her, helping her ride a bike, and the old man she sees now looks like a stranger to her.

    At the diner, Reggie is admiring the good work on the ceiling. Margaret and Linda stop by to get out of the rain. John walks in to get out of rain as well. Boyd then drops in to say bye; Larry has convinced him to quit his job and move to California. John, Reggie, Jake, Margaret, and Linda all get into a conversation about God and religion, which drives two diners out. When John says that Larry (God) doesn't exist, a piece of the ceiling falls down and hits his chair, as soon as he got up from it. It kind of surprised everyone, but John said it was nothing because God wouldn't have missed.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The writing was excellent. Boyd, played by Stephen Wright, was given some incredible material, which makes for some hilarious exchanges.
  • Becker get's a patient who is too involved with god. But Becker doesn't beleive in god.

    This one of the first episodes of Becker that I ever watched and it is the best. Really made mewant to see more of it. I wouldn\'t want to summarize it because the fun in it is great. But shortly -- another episode of Becker not beleiving in god. He is a very normal guy -- making this program great.