Season 4 Episode 16

Let's Talk About Sex

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2002 on CBS

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  • This episode is not as awkward as the summary can suggest.

    Becker goes to a school to talk to children about nutrition but the kids changed the subject to that of sex. While this sounds shocking at first, it isn't that far from reality and as far as the scene with the kids, it was shown in a serious and respectful way. Now, the scene with the parents, that's another story - although I did like how Linda stood up for Becker there and how Linda and Becker have a bonding moment at the end. I also liked that crush the red headed kid and his father had for Linda.

    The side storyline with cops in the diner, was probably the worst I've seen in the series.
  • I could have done without this episdoe.

    Becker went to the school to discuss nutrition with the 2nd graders but instead he talks about sex. After his done with the kids he yells at their parents then he lectures them about sex too.

    I could really, really have done without this episode.

    The best parts of the episode was watching Linda and John bond, and the kids adorable questions.
  • John gets parents angry when he discusses sex with their children.

    At the diner, Reggie tells Jake about two guys who have been sitting down, looking out the window, and she's worried they're going to rob the place. Bob comes in and quickly identifies the two guys as being cops. Reggie asks them, and they confirm Bob's conclusion. It seems they're on a stakeout, and they're watching the guy who works across the street. John comes in upset about the parking meter, and is about to put a paper bag over the meter, when he is told about the two cops in there. He quickly changes his mind about putting the paper bag over the parking meter.

    In the office, John complains to Linda about her not making coffee for John and Margaret. Margaret then complains to John about his promise to do community service. John decides to talk to children about nutrition at school, and volunteers Linda to help him with visuals.

    At the diner, Bob asks the cops about becoming a snitch, but he's bugging them. Reggie comes over and bothers them when Bob leaves. A young kid comes in and fakes his voice to get some pornographic magazines from Jake.

    At the school, John is there waiting for Linda to show up. John decides to start his lecture without her, but the kids don't seem to be very receptive. Linda eventually shows up with the visual aids, and one of the kids decides to ask about sex. John gets a little flustered by the question, and a few others start asking questions. John wants to get back to talking about nutrition, but the kids aren't interested in that.

    At the office, Margaret complains to John about his sex-talk at the school. The phones have been ringing off the hook. Margaret tells John and Linda that they have to go to the school and talk to the parents and administration.

    At the diner, Jake tries to bribe the cops not to arrest him for accidentally selling the magazines to the kid. Reggie comes out and admits to stealing something from a store more than a decade ago. Bob comes in and snitches on several people in the neighborhood, but the cops aren't in hearing any of it. One of the guys goes off on a rant, and tells John to shut up when he comes in. John then tells them about a guy throwing TVs into the back of a truck, so they run out.

    At the school, John is being bombarded with questions from the parents. John isn't able to get too far with them, so Linda speaks up and makes them realize that their kids are much more grown up than they seem to think.

    Later that night, John and Linda are in the classroom. After all of the parents leave, John thanks Linda for what she did tonight, and really helped him out. They leave together and talk about how they both enjoy soaps.

    The plot was great, but the subplot with the cops in the diner wasn't at all a favorite of mine. The way the plot and subplot ended was pretty good, however. It was great to see Linda step up and save John's butt.