Season 1 Episode 16

Limits and Boundaries

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 1999 on CBS

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  • John has to take care of kids for a night.

    At the diner, Jake and John are sitting at the counter, while Reggie is pouring coffee. There's a woman and her baby who is crying, annoying the heck out of John, so he yells at her about it. After she leaves, John, Jake, and Reggie all get into a discussion about babies. Judging by what is said here, you can already tell what's going to happen in this episode.

    John goes in to see Mr. Duncan who can't seem to be specifically describe the pain in his arm, and when he noticed it. John leaves the office, and Linda asks him about getting a tattoo removed. John goes in to see M.J., his mother, and sister. His mother asks John if her kids can stay the day at the office because she can't find someone to take care of them for the day. Margaret isn't too thrilled because she knows that she'll be the one who takes care of the kids, not John.

    M.J. isn't playing, he's examining Mrs. Sullivan, and his sister is playing games, taking their money. John shows Mr. Duncan out, he's got tendinitis. Jake comes in to see John about a bump on the back of his hand. Margaret talks to John about the bad behavior of the kids, so he sends them into his office, and tells Jake to take care of them.

    In John's office, M.J.'s sister is hustling Jake, but Jake is actually making the money, much to her surprise. John comes in to see Jake, and fix his problem. He smacks his hand with a book, and gets rid of the bump. After leaving the office, he receives a call from M.J.'s mother, who asks John if he can keep her kids for the night. John agrees, but tries to pawn them off to Margaret and Linda, but neither wants them, leaving John to take care of them.

    At home, John is working on a schedule for the kids. After making the schedule, they start talking about why John isn't married. Soon after they start talking, the food comes, but the kids would rather have pizza or burgers instead of Chinese. M.J.'s sister's food preferences frustrate John, so he calls Reggie and asks her to bring over burgers and fries. When she gets there, she laughs at him for what he said at the diner that morning. He's finally able to get them off to bed.

    In the night, M.J. comes out into the living room and wants to sleep on the couch with John. Before going to sleep, M.J. says John should marry Reggie, but John says it's not a very good idea. John is then asked about M.J.'s HIV, and he tells him not to give up.

    A few hours later, M.J.'s sister screams after seeing a spider, so she jumps into the couch, joining John and M.J.

    The next morning, John lets M.J. and his sister into the office and asks them to sit down and wait for their mother. Linda tells him that she doesn't need that tattoo removed. Margaret notices that the kids are sitting down, behaving themselves. It turns out John bribed them to stay quiet.

    Overall, I liked this episode. It's always good to see John go through something like this. Handing the kids off to other people didn't work over the longrun.
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