Season 2 Episode 4

Linda Quits

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 1999 on CBS

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  • Brilliant

    Linda is a goof ball we all know that.....but she's funny as hell.

    Linda quits after she realises that the job has become too much for her, after one too many mistakes.

    Margaret gives Becker the job of finding her new assistant whom he feels he can find before the days end, and boy, does he find her. The woman turned out to be a prostitute whose intention was to use the office as her way to met johns.

    After her hobby was discovered Margaret realises how much she missed Linda, with all her screw ups and sends John out to find her and bring her back to work.

    We learn that Linda is rich.......park avenue rich and playing a dumb bimbo is her passion.

    Overall, great episode.

  • After a series of mistakes at the office, Linda quits.

    Jake and Reggie are in the diner, along with Bob who is at the door, staring at a man outside who keeps pacing back and forth. As Bob walks to the counter, John walks in complaining about a family he saw on television who, in his opinion, have had far too many children. As no one seems to care what he's talking about, everyone talks about the man outside the diner. Reggie wonders if he's looking for a woman, so the discussion turns to romance, something, according to Reggie, John knows nothing about.

    At the office, a man is waiting for John to come in to help him, but only Linda is there, so she ends up scaring the crap out of him, making him think he's going to die. John comes in and calms the man down. Linda tells John about her parents, and then Margaret comes in asking about her dentist appointment.

    John receives a call about a pharmacy who was supposed to receive a small amount of estrogen, but Linda accidentally wrote the wrong number on the slip. Linda gets chewed out by Margaret and Linda.

    Back at the diner, the man is still outside, pacing. Everyone is inside wondering about why the guy is still there.

    John walks into the office and asks Margaret to take care of his ticket. John finds out from Margaret that Linda has quit her job. John suggests that Margaret bring in someone new. It's much more difficult to hire someone because of John's behavior and the fact that he only pays minimum wage.

    At the office, the man from earlier in the show comes in and is worried about her test results. Ann, comes over to escort him into the doctor's office. John comes in and asks Margaret how her selection, Ann, is doing, so Margaret says that she's doing very well. John goes back to see his patient, only to find the two of them having sex. She's apparently got a sex addiction. John fires her and goes back to see his patient, who is very happy with his treatment. He decides to leave before getting his test results. Margaret walks in and suggests that they re-hire Linda. Since she's not picking up her phone, she tells him to go to her apartment.

    Back at the diner, John walks in and the guys are still talking about what the man is doing outside, so John walks out and brings him in and asks him to tell everyone what he's doing out there. It turns out he lost his job and his wife. He met his wife on that street. Before he leaves, they all give him a hug. When they offer to give him a few bucks, they notice that he took their wallets, and Reggie's watch.

    John stops by Linda's apartment to talk to her about coming back to work. John is absolutely shocked at how nice of a place she has. After some discussion, John offers the job to her, which she happily agrees to.

    I enjoyed this episode very much. We not only got to see the typical Becker plots, but we got to learn more about Linda and her family, who is loaded; her apartment looks incredible.