Season 1 Episode 12

Love! Lies! Bleeding!

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 1999 on CBS

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  • The episode was classic Becker, the ranting and other things that happened.

    John walks into the diner only to find two couples kissing, which angers him. He finds out from Reggie that it's Valentine's Day. John goes off on a little rant about the holiday. Reggie admits she doesn't like the day either, which surprises him, they have something in common. Bob walks in with a gift for Reggie. Bob says it's okay if she doesn't get him a gift in return, a slow hug will suffice. The two have some funny exchanges and Reggie asks him to leave. The rant was classic Becker, you know where he's coming from.

    Still at the diner, John and Jake are talking about John's lack of a social life, and all of a sudden a guy yells, his girlfriend stabbed him in the arm with a form because he allegedly slept with her sister. John rushes over to help him out, tells him to go to a hospital for better bandaging, a tetanus shot, etc. The stabbing was a little ridiculous, Reggie got a little excited about seeing John in action, but it didn't do much for the plot.

    At the office, Linda is on the phone talking with a guy, and Margaret grabs the phone and hangs it up. John walks in and tells them about what happened at the diner. John proceeds to open a letter, which is from a secret admirer. John admits that the whole secret admirer thing is going to be bother him all day long, so this set up part of the rest of the episode. Linda's dating this new guy wasn't surprising, it becomes a more and more common thing.

    John walks in to see a young male patient who wants a vasectomy, John tells him to come back in a few hours and re-think it. John goes in to see another patient who is allergic to roses, which she came into contact with at her office. This was somewhat funny, the young man asking for a vasectomy was hilarious, especially when John suggested that he abstain from sex.

    At the diner, Bob stops by again to ask her for the gift back. Reggie replies, saying it's out back in the dumpster. Bob leaves, and a minute later, John walks in to find Jake worried about the girl he's been seeing, based upon something John said earlier. John notices that Reggie's hair is different and that she had a dress cleaned, he correctly concludes that she's got a date for Valentine's Day.

    Back at the office, John shows Danny a video of what a vasectomy is actually like, which scares him a little but, he says he still wants to do it. John smacks him over the head with his own hat. Danny is only 16. Margaret tells John that his patient had another allergy attack and is being held at the hospital overnight.

    At the hospital, John walks in to see his patient. He goes off on a little rant about Valentine's Day. He asks her about his secret admirer letter before he leaves. As John leaves, an elderly woman next to his patient, calls to him. She thinks he's her husband. He realizes what's going on, and kind of goes along with it for a little, and tells her to go to sleep.

    The episode was classic Becker, the ranting and other things that happened. The only thing that seemed out of place was the stabbing in the diner. Bob's appearance was short, but he did at least get two scenes, but the second one wasn't as funny as the first one was. The ending with the elderly patient was somewhat funny, you kind of felt for the patient and John as well.
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