Season 1 Episode 21

Lucky Day

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 1999 on CBS

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  • John seems to have a lucky day for a change.

    John walks into the diner complaining about The Antiques Roadshow. He can't believe how stupid of a show it is. Other than that, he's been having a good day. He was able to get a parking spot without any trouble, but when he goes to buy a paper from Jake, he realizes he's lost his wallet somewhere. After complaining about needing to go get replacement credit cards and everything, the discussion turns to Reggie, who is busy cleaning the diner because of the health department. A man walks into the diner with John's wallet, and gives it to him. John's surprised when all of the money is actually still in the wallet.

    At work, Margaret gets a call from her husband, but Margaret chews him out for something. Linda wants to know what's going on because she's a good listener. John comes in early, to find that the X-Ray machine is broken, but a repairman will take care of it soon. John goes in to see a patient who is moving to Florida after being transferred. This is great for John, since he's hated the guy for a while now, and he's now leaving. John's day is getting better by the minute.

    Margaret comes in to see John to tell him he's got a registered letter waiting for him at the post office. John asks her to go and get the letter, even though it would require her to forge his signature.

    At the post office, John goes right to the front of the line, much to his surprise. He's surprised when he's able to get the letter with no problems, in fact, a woman working there hits on him by giving him her address. John jokingly asks if the place is under new management.

    At the diner, John comes in to say Reggie and Jake are crazy for thinking this was a great day. The letter is from the IRS, but he's not opened it yet. After he opens it, John finds that he just received a $700 tax refund. Since John is having a lucky day, Jake asks him to pick a horse from the paper so he could go bet on it.

    At the office, John asks a patient of his to give him a urine sample. Lewis, Margaret's husband calls, so Linda chats with him a little. John has a message from kid who sold him a raffle ticket. John won a CD player, which surprises him a little. After hearing Linda talking to someone named Lewis, so Linda and Margaret talk about what's going on with the two of them. Margaret reveals to Linda that Lewis chose to watch the basketball game instead have sex with her.

    John walks back through the office to ask about the X-Ray machine. John is much happier when he learns it was fixed and it was just a loose connection, so he didn't charge them anything. Margaret received a hotel key from her husband, which makes her really happy and leaves work.

    John walks in to the diner and it turns out that Jake's horse, which John picked, won and he made a lot of money. John sits down with Reggie, who found an old TV guide. They talk about John's good luck, and then leaves.

    While walking home, John gets soaked after a car drives through a large puddle. A guy comes up to him, and demands his wallet his gold pen. The wallet has the horse race winnings and his IRS check. If that wasn't bad enough, John's patient who was being transferred sees him on the street and tells him that he's not going to Florida after all.

    Overall, I enjoyed this episode quite a lot, even though you kind of just knew how the episode would end. At least it was good to see Jake benefitting from the John's lucky day.
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