Season 1 Episode 6

Man Plans, God Laughs

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1998 on CBS

Episode Recap

John walks into the diner, and starts ranting about guns and violence, after a kid shot up his school after getting a bad grade. In walks Bob, who verbally attacks Reggie. They apparently went to the same school, and Reggie completely ignored him back then, but she doesn't remember him now. He says it's pathetic to see her flipping burgers, and says he's much better off than she is today, a successful business, two kids, and a wife with the best breasts money can buy.

At the office, John walks in to a busy doctors office and Margaret is sick. John suggests that she leave and go home, get her family sick, and drum up a little business. Once Margaret leaves, it puts Linda in charge, which makes both Linda and John a little worried. John goes in to see a patient of his, Peter, and his tests came back just fine. The patient invites John to come with him to a Rangers (hockey) game, and John accepts. John leaves that office to meet another patient, who thinks she's going to die on Tuesday. She apparently heard some people saying she was going to die, but it was a mistake, they were singing along to an old Rolling Stones song, and she thought they were singing about her.

Back home, John is eating some Chinese takeout when there's a knock at the door. He answers it and it's a pair of guys trying to get John to join their religion. One of the men ask "Have you given any thought to the afterlife?" John replies, "Depends, will you two be there?" "Yes," the man replies. John promptly shuts the door in their faces.

At the diner, Bob comes in to apologize for the harsh things he said, but when Reggie refuses to hug him, he calls her a loser and leaves. In walks John's patient, Peter, with the hockey tickets. He tells John that he's got a meeting to go to before the game, and hands John his ticket. He was going to leave it with Linda, but the office is a madhouse.

After hearing about what's going on at the office, John rushes over and sees everyone is yelling at Linda, they all want to get in to see the doctor, and she hasn't been able to get everyone in. She explains her little system to John, and John goes and calls Margaret, and asks her to come in. Upset with John, Margaret decides to come and help despite her being sick.

John runs into Mrs. Forrester, who is planning her funeral, and says he hasn't time right now to help her out. Instead, he suggests another patient, Mr. Gordon help her. The two hit it off, and go home together.

Margaret walks into the office, only to see that all of the patients have gone home. Linda was able to pull it off afterall. Margaret is furious with John, she had to travel for more than an hour, sick with a cold, all for nothing. After a few minutes, the phone rings, it's Peter's secretary. John is told Peter died tonight at his desk. John is shocked and devastated; he just did an entire workup on him and found nothing. He had a brain hemorrhage of some kind, and the paramedics were unable to save him. Margaret tries to get John to read the bible, to help him find answers, but he doesn't want any part of it.

John walks into the diner to see Reggie eating an entire pie. Reggie is upset about Bob, he was right about everything. John is asked for advice, but he said he's terrible at giving advice, if he were any good at it, he'd give himself some. He ends up suggesting that Reggie look for someone who is worse off than she is and she'd feel better about herself. She remembers a woman from school who has been divorced three times, has gained fifty pounds, and works in a toll booth; his advice helped Reggie.