Season 6 Episode 10

Margaret Sings the Blues

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 2004 on CBS

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  • Margaret sings

    The last season of the show and it's going down the drain.

    Margaret gets depressed after running into an old friend who becamse rich and famous and she begins to question her decision to be a nurse.

    In the end she proved she could sing....altough I hated the song.

    Overall, an average episode.
  • It's flu season at the office and Margaret's depressed about her life.

    At the diner, Hector's going through the paper, looking for a job, and Jake applauds him for looking. John comes in and gets asked by Hector about a job at the office, but John doesn't think he should work there. Chris asks John about getting a flu shot since it's flu season, so he asks her to come in later today. Linda walks in for breakfast, but John insists they have to get to work. Linda tells John Margaret's not coming to work on time because she's got other plans. It seems John forgot about Margaret telling him this three weeks ago.

    At the office, John's dealing with a lot of patients who need their flu shots. John asks Linda to practice giving shots on an orange. Margaret comes in and she's angry about coming back to work since John called her in. Margaret tells John that her old friend is wealthy and successful, and Margaret's frustrated and angry she got all of the lucky breaks her friend did. Margaret reveals she wanted to be a singer.

    Back at the diner, Hector walks in and tells Chris and Jake that he got a job as a doorman for a club.

    Jake and Chris walk into a bar and it seems Linda has lied to them about why they should come. Margaret's depressed and Linda doesn't want to be alone with her so she asked Chris and Jake to come in. When John walks in, Linda tells him the reason she asked him to come in. Margaret complains about the man singing in the background, as he seems to be off-key in her opinion. She angrily storms out.

    The next day, John walks into the diner and talks about Linda and Margaret and then leaves. Hector comes in and announces he was fired because he didn't let someone in who wasn't on the list. Jake and Chris seem to be acting like Hector's mother and father.

    At the office, John's complaining about the workload and Margaret's not in yet. John goes to deal with a patient and asks Linda to give Chris a flu shot. Linda comes in to give Chris the flu shot, and the both of them are concerned about it. Chris tells Linda that she's afraid of needles. John comes in to see how Linda's doing. When he sees she hasn't given Chris her shot, he gives her one and walks out.

    John walks into the bar and sees Margaret getting drunk. He chews her out for not coming into work. John sits down and they talk about her singing and she tells him about how how she was beaten by another girl in a competition. To see if she's any good anymore, Margaret gets up and sings for people in the bar, and she does a great job, much to John's surprise.

    I liked several parts of the episode, especially the scene where Linda is asked to give Chris a flu shot.
  • Margaret receives news from an old friend who becomes rags to riches to her envy. She begins to regret her decision to become a nurse instead of the singer she originally wanted to be.

    'Margaret Sings the Blues' was a crucially needed episode to focus on Margaret.

    We feel pity for her as she recounts the tale of how an old friend's distant seeming dreams to become a purse designer succeeds, leaving Margaret feeling anything but positive. Margaret was used to being paid more than that friend and recalls her old dreams of being a singer. She falls into depression and starts missing work and spending her day drinking.

    Nobody seems able to comfort her. The most unlikely person to, considering his persona, Becker, does although he adds "Don't ever make me do that again," referring to his praising Margaret. Margaret recounts the tale of how she amazed the audience with her credible ability as a singer, and then the girl performing after blew them away even more. And that was when she realized she'd never be good enough. In that episode she replaces the performing pianist who sings offkey as a singer (not as a position) and amazes her current audience. And in between of course were the little blurbs of hilarity that make the show what it is. Another great episode, well-written. We are so used to Margaret being the steady one. Only rarely does she fall apart, usually due to her marriage. So this was a great episode to the collection of fun-viewing.