Season 4 Episode 22


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 06, 2002 on CBS

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  • And the show starts to dwindle.

    Becker received eight steaks from a former patient as a method of thanks, and Becker being the man that he is plans to keep them all and eat them peridoically, until Chris suggegts that he throws a party, which everyone is set to attend as the word free food rings in their ears.

    I think Nancy Travis is a bad seed. The episodes were fine until the writers saw it fit to insert her role into the show and getting rid of Bob and Reggie.

    Overall, this episode was simple BAD.
  • Chris volunteers to throw a party at John's.

    At the diner, Reggie's trying to get Bob and Jake to try some food, but they're hesitant. When Reggie tries it, she spits it out. Chris comes in to get some coffee, shortly followed by John, who comes in and complains about a delivery man, who never leaves the package, but only leaves a little "while you were out" message.

    At the office, Margaret's having problems with her computer, and pornographic images keep popping up. John comes in and asks if his package had been delivered yet. A delivery man comes in with his package, so John signs for it. When John opens it, he finds out it was the wrong package, or not the one he was expecting.

    At the diner, John's complaining to everyone there about the package he's not gotten. Margaret comes in with a package for him, and when he opens it, it's a box of expensive steaks. They suggest that John have a party, but John doesn't want to share the steaks. Everyone decides to invite themselves to a party at John's, but John's angry about it. Chris says she'll handle everything, and he doesn't have to worry about it.

    At John's apartment, Bob is trying to work on a window, but he's having a lot of problems. Chris is preparing the party, and she promises John that she'll do a great job. Margaret comes in with some food, and they talk about Margaret's husband, who didn't come. Jake comes by, shortly followed by Linda and Reggie. Things don't go so well when they can't cook the steaks.

    A bit later, people are just sitting down, and it's turned into a very dull party. Chris decides to play charades, and Linda has a difficult time with the game, better than Jake, who can't even see. Bob comes in with some charcoal to cook the steaks.

    Still trying to get the party going, Chris tries to play a game called Geography, but John's not the least bit interested, and Linda and Bob aren't very good at the game.

    Later on, Bob's cooking steaks, and Chris tries another game, which ends up depressing Jake and everyone around him. John decides to come out and see what's taking so long with the steaks. Somehow, they manage to drop the platter of steaks onto the ground, so John and Bob blame one another.

    Even later on, Chris comes out to join John on the fire escape. He's smoking, and is really upset about the night. Chris is sorry about how poorly the night went, since this was all her idea. Chris tells John about her history with relationships. The guy she was with left her and took all of her things. It turns out that was just a story to get John to say that the party was worth it, since it got her out of her apartment.

    This wasn't really my a favorite episode, as nothing really happened. The comedy wasn't quite up to par in my opinion.
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