Season 5 Episode 20

Mr. and Ms. Conception

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2003 on CBS

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  • Bob has a date with a cop and Chis use sex appeal.

    This episode forcued too much on Mr and Mrs Conception. Although, the episode was based around them an their problem and I could have done without it.

    Chris is able to use her charms and sex appeal to win over the older fire inspector, but the scene where the 30 something year old guy turns her down flat was great.

    Average episdoe.
  • John has a difficult time dealing with a patient and his wife.

    John walks into the diner and gets upset when he finds out the fire marshall is here to inspect the place. Chris and the fire marshall come out of the kitchen, and she is given a ticket for a violation. When she flirts her way out of it, John, Jake, and Bob can't help but call her on it.

    After yelling at a dog, John walks into the office and mentions to Margaret the fire marshall is going around, handing out tickets. When John comes in to see a patient, Mr. Whitford, Mr. Whitford tells him about his need for Viagra. John runs some tests on him and yells at him for just going along with whatever his wife wants in their relationship.

    Back at the diner, Chris isn't having much luck with the sprinkler system, as she's decided to work on it herself. John suggests getting a plumber, but she refuses, as a plumber will charge her hundreds of dollars. Bob comes in, followed by a police officer. He writes Bob a ticket for jaywalking, so Bob tries to be friendly with the officer, like Chris was with the fire marshall. He ends up getting out of the ticket, but ends up having a date with the police officer.

    At the office, Mrs. Whitford comes in to see John, as her husband who was in for Viagra told her he doesn't want to have kids. They end up getting into a confusing conversation about what John did or did not say.

    A bit later, John finishes an exam with a patient and is confronted by Mr. Whitford. He tells John he needs Viagra, but John can't give him any since he's got high blood pressure. With the assistance of Linda, John offers some suggestions for spicing up things in the bedroom.

    John walks into the diner for some food, but Chris is in the back working on the sprinkler system. Bob comes in upset about his date. The cop stood him up. Chris comes out from the kitchen and reveals he snapped a screw. She flirts with a plumber in the diner in hopes of getting some free service, but she has no luck with it, so John and Jake get a good laugh from it. The cop comes in and apologizes to Bob for standing him up. They end up setting another date, and when Bob realizes it, he admits he's not gay, and the cop says the same thing; he's just lonely and is looking for a friend.

    Back at the office, John's trying to leave to avoid Mrs. Whitford. As John is on his way out, she comes in and confronts John about some things. It's another confusing conversation like the previous ones.

    At his apartment, John's got the lights turned off and he's trying to relax on the couch when he's disturbed by Chris. She wants to know if John finds her attractive, as the plumber wasn't interested in her, and she needs his opinion. John's patient and wife comes over and get into another confusing conversation about what John did or didn't say. Finally, Mr. Whitford tells his wife to be quiet. She's the reason he can't have sex with her. After his outburst, he gets into the mood for sex, and they leave. Chris is about to leave as well, as there was something Mrs. Whitford said, which reassured Chris that she's still attractive. As she's about to leave, she finds Mr. Whitford and Mrs. Whitford in the hallway, having sex. It seems Mr. Whitford really was ready.

    The storyline with Mr. Whitford and Mrs. Whitford got to be a bit annoying, but the subplot with Bob and the cop was able to save this episode in the humor department.