Season 5 Episode 19

Ms. Fortune

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on CBS

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  • John gets curious when a palm reader runs out after reading his palm.

    At the diner, Linda's getting her palm read and Bob and Jake want to be next. John comes in and tells everyone he thinks palm reading is a crock. The palm reader decides to leave after telling Linda to invest money.

    At the office, Linda's looking through the newspaper for a company to invest in. Using some peculiar methods, she chooses a grapefruit company. John and Margaret talk about Linda and the whole palm reading scam.

    Back at the diner, Ruby is reading Jake's palm. Ruby tells him Jake will find a new girlfriend in the future. Ruby then reads Bob's palm and she tells him to repair a broken relationship and things in his life will improve. They get John to get his palm read, but she ends up running out when reading his palm.

    At the office, John asks Margaret about Ruby, and she laughs about it. Margaret walks into the other room and notices Linda is busy on the computer. It seems Ruby's advice to invest has paid off, as Linda's stock has split and she's making a lot of money. She, Margaret, and John decide to open fortune cookies, and John's spooked by his fortune.

    Bob walks into the diner to ask Jake about his problem with him, but Jake insists he doesn't have a problem with him. Bob thinks the broken relationship is with Jake. Bob walks out, and John comes inside and asks about Ruby. They all talk about how Ruby ran off when reading John's palm. John insists Rub is a fraud, no different than a fortune cookie.

    At the office, John's looking around for Margaret. He tries to fax a copy of his palm to someone, but Margaret realizes what's going on, and she can't believe John's interest in this. Linda walks in and is happy as can be about Ruby. It turns out she sold her stock and bought lottery tickets, and she won $50, losing a lot of money, but she doesn't realize that.

    John stops by a palm reader, Madam Zora. She charges him $20, which upsets John, since the other woman only charged $5. While reading his palm, she's bothered by a man and the phone in the background. John ends up leaving early.

    Bob walks into the diner and returns some things he borrowed... without telling him about taking it in the first place. As they're about to leave, Ruby comes in. Chris walks over and asks to get her palm read. Chris gets a little hesitant about the whole thing, however. Ruby tells her she sees romance and good health in her future. John comes in and asks Ruby about what she saw in his hand. She tells him it was nothing, she saw his watch and realized she was late. Happy about what Ruby had to say, John leaves. After John walks out, Ruby acts like she saw something terrible in John's palm. Ruby walks over and asks to see Chris's palm. By the looks of it, it seems Chris's future romance is with John.

    The story was very un-interesting, although the script was still funny.