Season 4 Episode 23

Much Ado About Nothing (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 13, 2002 on CBS

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    I'm new to this show, but you can tell by just with this episode, what a huge deal Reggie & Becker's relationship was back in the day. Most of the episode was focused on Reggie being jealous of Becker being concerned about Chris. We got so much funny moments here, I really do not know where to start.

    So I've decided that Linda is the best thing about this show, really. She was just absolutely hysterical here from start to finish. And the guest character that was subletting Linda's job was no different. We've just got some great one liners from this episode, and this is the kind of humor that reminds me what makes this show so entertaining.

    The "noticing the customer" gag was great and it was such an amazing tie in with noticing what was going on with Reggie and her insecurities about her jealousy for Becker. Good cliffhanger, and it was pretty entertaining overall. Great episode here.
  • After all these years....

    Chris has left without saying good bye, which leaves Becker hurt and grumpy, which leaves Reggie in the jealous, stalker class.

    The first episode in the two-parta which prepares the exist for Reggie "Terry Farell". Reggie starts to get jealous of the attention and concern Becker is showing now that Chris has left without saying goodbye.

    One of Jake's loyal customers comes out of the closet and believes Jake and Bob to be gay too.

    Linda on the other hand is crazy as usual when she sublets her job to a complete stranger on teh street much to Margaret's chargin.

    Overall, another bad episode.
  • Reggie becomes jealous of Chris when she notices John seems very interested in Chris for a change.

    Darryl comes in to get some things from Jake, but Jake thinks the man's marriage is falling apart, since he hasn't been buying things for his wife. John comes in and asks about Chris, who isn't there. He seems a little obsessed about her, and Reggie takes notice of it.

    At the office, Linda is showing Holli around, and gives her a few bits of advice. Margaret comes in, and Linda introduces her to Holli. Margaret pulls her to the side, and asks about why she's there, and it seems Linda has sublet her job to her for a week. Linda tries to explain things to Margaret, but it's a bit confusing. Margaret agrees to allow her to stay and help out while Linda is away.

    Later in the day, John asks Margaret about the new girl. Reggie comes in and runs into Holli. She asks her where Linda is, and asks to drop lunch off for John, but Holli seems confused. When Margaret comes in, she handles it, and Reggie tells Margaret about John's concerns about Chris, but Reggie seems to be interested in John somehow.

    At the diner, Jake asks Darryl if things are going okay, and he says things are fine. Judging by what he bought, Jake still thinks Darryl isn't with his wife anymore. John comes in and asks if she can bring lunch by again today, since he liked the convenience of it. Bob brings up the topic of Chris, and John's interested in where she is, and Bob was asked by her to feed her fish, and John still seems oddly interested. Reggie thinks John's got feelings for Chris, and Jake thinks Reggie is jealous of John's feelings for Chris.

    At the office, Margaret asks Holli if she could make some coffee, but she doesn't seem to have any ability to do anything like that. Linda comes in to see Margaret for a minute. Margaret tells Linda about Holli's inability to do anything.

    Bob comes into the diner, and it seems one fish ate the other. Bob tells John that Chris is coming back soon, and is picking up things from her ex-husband's place. Darryl comes in and talks to Jake. It seems the reason he's not seeing his wife anymore is because he's gay. He decided to come out after thinking Bob and Jake are gay and are seeing one another.

    At the office, Margaret puts the computer out with a fire extinguisher, since it was on fire, thanks to Holli. Linda comes in, and Margaret is really glad she's back.

    Reggie comes over to John's apartment with Chinese food, and she tries to talk about the two of them, but John's not picking up her signals, so she leaves.

    The title of the episode really sums up my opinion of the episode, there's nothing really here. There were a few funny moments, but the story isn't especially interesting.