Season 2 Episode 5

My Boyfriend's Back

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1999 on CBS

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  • An old high school friend stops by to see Reggie.

    Linda walks into the diner to get some coffee. She is late for work, but hopes she can beat John in. John quickly follows her in and tells her to go to work. John sits down at a table, and Margaret comes in to get coffee. After complaining about John, she leaves. While reading the paper, John complains about his research partner from Harvard finding some sort of miracle cure to wrinkles. John thinks he should be working on something else, like a cure for cancer.

    Still at the diner, John is complaining about his research partner. Reggie receives a phone call from someone from high school who says that the best-looking guy from high school is in town. Bob comes in and hears about Jordon Brewster. He wants to get revenge on him for all of the pranks he suffered from him. Jordan then walks in, and asks Reggie about how things are going. Reggie rambles on about her personal life. Jordan asks her out to lunch, so they take off.

    Linda walks into the office with some food. John then comes in and complains about the bum sitting in the doorway, but Linda wants to take care of him. After receiving his messages for the day, John goes off to remove a mole off of a woman.

    At the diner, Jake asks how Reggie's date went. It went really well apparently. Bob comes in looking for a fight with Jordan, but he's not there. John comes in to get something to eat, but Reggie is leaving for another date with Jordan.

    We then see Reggie and Jordan fooling around in the back of a car, getting interrupted by a police officer.

    At the diner, Jake, Bob, and John are sitting around, waiting for Reggie, who isn't there. Bob's reading the paper and learns about John's old research partner. Reggie then comes in, all happy about the way things went. Bob can't stand to hear about her having sex with Jordan.

    Margaret walks in to see the bum sleeping in the waiting room. John then walks in and complains about the bum. John's old research partner left John a message, but John thinks he's better off than the his old research partner. The bum wakes up, and tells John to get over it, as he's obviously jealous.

    At the diner, Reggie is worried because Jordan hasn't called her yet. He then calls and she leaves since Jordan is in jail. Bob and John come in to hear about this. Bob soon leaves, happy.

    Reggie goes to jail to see Jordan. Jordan reveals that he has apparently skimmed money from a business venture. As Reggie leaves, Bob walks in to see Jordan. Bob calls him a loser, and turns around. As he turns around, a guard escorts Jordan out of the room, and brings in another prisoner. Bob pulls down his pants, mooning the other prisoner. Bob is a little freaked out when he notices Jordan wasn't sitting there anymore.

    At the diner, Reggie telling John about how stupid she is for trusting Jordan. John says he's stupid for not inventing some fancy cream to make women's butts smaller. Jake walks over and tells her that she shouldn't get down on herself for what happened, as in the end, he was sent to jail.

    It was good to see John a little jealous of his old research partner. Seeing Bob faking his touchness whenever Jordan wasn't around was hilarious.