Season 1 Episode 5

My Dinner With Becker

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1998 on CBS

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  • Reggie goes out with Todd.

    John walks into the diner, yelling at a woman because she didn't pick up after her dog. He proceeds to complain to Jake about beanie babies after he sees a story in the paper about people trampling one another in a store to buy them. A man decides to offer up a comment, contradictory to that of John's and it turns out he's the new guy dating Reggie, which shocks both John and Jake. John can't help but insult him. I have to admit, Todd isn't a very interesting character, and John noticed it early on.

    At the office, John prescribes some medication to Mrs. Jordan, who wants to set him up on a date with her niece. John doesn't want to go out on a blind date.

    Linda walks up to John and tells him that it's time for her quarterly performance report. He states that he's not ready, so she proceeds to give him her performance report, criticizing him for his abrasiveness. John just can't believe what he's seeing what's going on. The sheer nerve of what Linda was doing made for an absolutely hilarious moment; even I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

    After talking with Linda, he talks with Margaret, who tells him that Linda gave her a performance review as well, and that Mrs. Jordan gave her her niece's number for John to call.

    After leaving the office, John walks into the diner, only to see Reggie and her boyfriend kissing. John sits down and ends up in a conversation about Reggie's relationship, and she and Jake turn the table on John and ask him about his social life. John reveals that he's now got a date tonight with a patient's niece. Jake takes a shot at John, then John actually empties a salt shaker into Jake's coffee cup, which leaves a bad taste in Jake's mouth.

    At the office, Margaret walks a homeless man out of the office. She asks him to go to the Goodwill store and buy some clean clothes and go to the Y and take a shower. John is then shown going through the trash, looking for the number to call his patient's niece.

    At the diner, Reggie tells Jake that she's going out on a date. She's a little worried because Todd seems almost too nice. Jake thinks she's overacting.

    John, sitting at his table, is approached by his waiter. He's a little too full of energy, so John sits him down and asks for a drink, nothing fancy. As soon as the waiter leaves, his date shows up, an attractive blonde woman in a red dress. The directors go back and forth between this date and the one with Reggie and Todd, which isn't going so well. Reggie just can't stand that Todd is so nice and doesn't have a problem with paying taxes, sitting in a tunnel for three hours because of traffic, etc. Finally, John decides to leave his date, and so does Todd.

    The next day, at the diner, John walks into the diner, and Reggie tells him that he was right, they weren't right for one another, but proceeds to blame him for them breaking up. Because of what John said, she had to look for something wrong with him. They decide to sit down and talk about things a little more, and John tells her it's difficult to date and find someone to connect with.

    Although not one of my favorite episodes, it was a pretty decent episode. The moment where Linda gave John her quarterly performance report was one of, if not the funniest moment in the entire series... the look on her face when he started to ask her a question was great. The way the two dates turned out was very predictable, but there were a few funny little moments, like the beginning of John's where he talked to the waiter, for instance.
  • A fun episode. Reggie's new boyfriend Becker is quick to point out seems too nice, and it gets to her head and she almost desperately tries to find SOMETHING her new boyfriend hates.

    Yes it was silly. But in a good Becker way.

    Reggie's new boyfriend as Becker is quick to bluntly remark seems too nice (I doubt that's possible in real life honestly) which Reggie doesn't put to her head until later. Jake tries to tell her what Becker says doesn't matter and throws in "I don't listen to him. That's why we're friends." (Now I get it.) Reggie agrees that he's right but on a date later she desperately tries to find something her new boyfriend hates. She marvels that he wasn't even upset about his car getting stolen and notes that most guys would still be screaming outside but he's in the restaurant with her, cheerful as ever. It ends with him leaving the restaurant, and her saying, "Damn Becker."