Season 1 Episode 5

My Dinner With Becker

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1998 on CBS

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  • A fun episode. Reggie's new boyfriend Becker is quick to point out seems too nice, and it gets to her head and she almost desperately tries to find SOMETHING her new boyfriend hates.

    Yes it was silly. But in a good Becker way.

    Reggie's new boyfriend as Becker is quick to bluntly remark seems too nice (I doubt that's possible in real life honestly) which Reggie doesn't put to her head until later. Jake tries to tell her what Becker says doesn't matter and throws in "I don't listen to him. That's why we're friends." (Now I get it.) Reggie agrees that he's right but on a date later she desperately tries to find something her new boyfriend hates. She marvels that he wasn't even upset about his car getting stolen and notes that most guys would still be screaming outside but he's in the restaurant with her, cheerful as ever. It ends with him leaving the restaurant, and her saying, "Damn Becker."