Season 5 Episode 15

Nightmare on Becker Street

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2003 on CBS

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  • John tries to repell an elderly woman who finds him attractive.

    John comes home and finds an elderly woman having problems getting into her apartment. John helps her out and is offered soup since John seems to have a cold. John reluctantly accepts the woman's offer.

    At the diner, Chris is chasing a fly around when Linda comes in, complaining about her relationship with Kevin. John walks in Bob asks him about supposedly spending a lot of time with an elderly woman. Thinking John and the elderly woman are sleeping together, Jake, Bob, Chris, and Margaret all get a joke in.

    Chris stops by John's apartment with a box of CDs which had been delivered to her apartment. John had them sent to her address so he doesn't get the junk mail followed afterwards. Chris asks John about her relationship with the woman across the hall, and it seems she's acting like John's maid. When Chris leaves, John asks the woman about her helping with things, and they hug, but she ends up grabbing his butt. It seems she's got the wrong idea about the two of them. Since he doesn't want to be with her, John lies about being married... to Chris.

    At the diner, the fly is still buzzing around. Jake suggests they ignore the fly and maybe he'll leave. Bob decides to go to the hardware store and get some poison for the fly. John comes in and tries to tell Chris about what she told Mrs. Firth, the woman across the hall, but Mrs. Firth comes out, after a morning of discussion about their wedding. Chris insists they're getting a divorce. Eventually, John tells the woman he's not interested in her at all, but she insists she always gets what she wants, and then kisses John.

    At the office, Linda's about to leave to go to the diner to talk to Kevin. She leaves when John comes in. He tells Margaret that if Mrs. Firth calls, that she should tell her he's not there. He walks into his office and recognizes a bowl of soup from Mrs. Firth. John decides to call the police and tell them she's stalking him, but the police think John's crazy and hang up on him.

    At the diner, Linda comes in to speak to Kevin, who comes in and they kiss, and then sit down. She tells him she lives in New York, and he admits he knew it all along. He tells her he sees her everywhere, and he admits to cheating on her. They decide to leave together, have sex, and break up. Bob comes in as they're leaving, and asks Chris for coffee. It seems the spray Bob brought in killed the fly. Jake comes in and hears about the fly being killed. He notices how quiet it is, he apparently got used to the noise of the fly buzzing around, and he seems to miss it. When they hear the fly, they get excited. John comes in and kills the fly with a newspaper, upsetting Chris and Jake, as Bob left to get a "flyquarium" for the fly.

    John quietly comes home and turns on the lights. He walks into the bedroom and quickly runs back out. Mrs. Firth comes out, putting on a robe. She tells him she won't quit pursuing him. John tells her she needs some romance, and gets her to leave. John locks the door, while Mrs. Firth tries to get into her apartment, but has trouble again. Bob decides to help her out, since he notices her having problems. When Bob sneezes, Mrs. Firth invites him in for some soup. John watches the whole thing through his peep-hole.

    This was a very funny episode. The plot was a bit out of the ordinary, I admit, but it added a little something different to the show. Judging by the performance by Betty Garrett, it's no wonder she was nominated for an Emmy for this episode.