Season 3 Episode 20

Nocturnal Omissions

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2001 on CBS
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Nocturnal Omissions
John is crankier than normal when he suffers a bout of insomnia, which he believes can be cured by watching mindless TV shows. Unfortunately, his TV set is broken and he refuses to buy a new one.

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  • Insomnia!

    Becker can't sleep....why...mother issues.

    The tv that Becker's mom gave to him when he was going away to college breaks down, and it will only show a picture for a split second which leaves Becker a very moody and disturbed invidiual.

    We learn what the tv meant to Becker as it was a gift from his mother who is now deceased.

    Becker hold his tv scared and it although Reggie tried to guide him to a new one, but he chose to tape up his old one and force a few more years out of it.

    Overall, not a bad episode, though the comedic side was lacking.moreless
  • Becker's TV dies and he can't sleep.

    Reggie is trying out a new recipe for the menu and asks Jake to try it out. Jake thought it was apple pie, but with crackers instead of apples. It was meatloaf. Reggie wasn't too happy abou

    John walks in upset about not being able to sleep. His TV doesn't work, and the gang suggests that he buy a new TV. John doesn't like that they want him to just get rid of it.

    John walks in and is upset that there isn't any coffee made. He tries to make coffee, but he can't figure out how to make it. John's got a patient in room one, Mrs. Recinos. John asks for the key to the drug cabinet, but they seem to have lost it. This further upsets John

    At TechTown, John is looking for a replacement part for his TV. The salesman wants to sell him a bigscreen TV for $2600. John says his car didn't cost that much. A guy with a video camera walks up to John and now he's on all of the TV's in the store. Just as this is happening, outside of TechTown, Linda walks by. She's telling her friend that she feels that her boss is always chewing her out. Right next to her in the store is a TV with John on it, pointing and yelling. Linda says that maybe she shouldn't have had that last margarita.

    Back at the apartment, John is trying to get the TV working. He picks up the phone, the TV works, but when he puts it down, the TV goes back to all snow. John decides to call Jake and ask him if he wants to come over and watch TV. Jake hangs up the phone, so he can go back to bed. John lies down on his couch, and the TV comes on. As soon as he slides on a blanket, the TV goes back to snow.

    Jake walks into the diner upset with John. He's really, really pissed at John for calling him in the middle of night. Reggie tries to use a little psychology on John to figure out what's going on with John's lack of sleep. Bob walks into the diner, and John yells at him for not fixing his TV. Bob and Jake offer suggestions for sleeping.

    John walks into the office, and Margaret is concerned because of John's lack of sleep. John's not a young med student anymore, afterall. Linda follows John into his office and says she found the key to the drug cabinet. It was in a bag of coffee she stole from the office.

    Margaret comes in to get John, who has to deal with a doctor who he referred a patient to, but John can't understand him, because he's speaking a different language.

    John's home again, trying to relax with a video and hot towel. Bob suddenly walks in to fix John's window and ends up falling asleep on the couch. John's TV makes a bad sound, and dies after he pleaded for a bad movie or even an infomercial.

    John calls Jake, gets the machine, then calls Reggie. Reggie says he can come over to watch her TV, but they are going to have to buy him a new TV.

    At TechTown, John and Reggie are looking for TVs.

    The salesman wants to sell him a TV, and even offers to kick in $20 of his own. John doesn't want to get rid of his dead TV because he watched the moon landing, Kennedy, big sporting events, etc. He also revealed that his mother bought it for him. Reggie then realized what it's all about. Losing the TV was losing another piece of his late mother.

    John turns around to talk to the salesman and knocks a TV off of another TV, and the salesman says, I think you're gonna like that one.

    At John's place, the new TV is working, and John is sleeping.

    At Reggie's place, she can't sleep. She's just lying there watching TV.

    I loved the episode. This is one of my favorites.moreless

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    • Jake's answering machine: Hi, this is Jake. Look out the window, then look in the mirror. If it's dark outside and you're John Becker, do me a favor, go to hell.
      Becker: Rude, but you gotta admire the effort.

    • Margaret: John, you look awful. This is crazy. You can't function without sleep.
      Becker: Oh, please, Margaret, when I was in medical school I used to go without sleep for weeks at a time, no problem.
      Margaret: And twenty years ago I could dance all night in a halter top and hot pants. Things change.
      Becker: Margaret, I'm fine.
      Margaret: You are not fine. Let me cancel your patients. Go home and get some sleep.
      Becker: No, no, no, don't cancel the sleep. I'll get some patients soon.

    • Becker: Whatever is in my subconscious is none of my business.

    • Margaret: I take it by your sunny disposition and the eight-piece set of luggage under your eyes that you didn't sleep again last night.

    • Bob (asleep and caressing a pillow): Come on honey, you promised I could stay, it's our honeymoon.

    • Linda: Doctor Becker, next time you assume I did something, just remember you are making an ass out of me.

    • (Becker is trying to make coffee)
      Becker: How do you get this stupid thing to work? (hits coffee maker)
      Margaret: Give me that, before someone gets hurt.

    • Becker: Is that the same grandmother who put garlic in your shoes?
      Jake: She was trying to protect me from evil spirits.

    • Becker: I watched the moon land on that TV, the 1969 Mets winning the World Series, Nixon's resignation...lots of good times.

    • Becker (to Reggie): No matter what changed in my life that TV was always there for me. I dragged it through dorm rooms, apartments and two marriages.

    • Store Clerk: So, you brought the wife this time?
      Reggie: I'm not his wife.
      Becker: She's not my wife.
      Store Clerk: You came here on a date? Man, you are cheap.

    • Becker: What was the coffee doing at your place?
      Linda: If I hadn't have stolen the coffee we would have never found the key.

    • Margaret: John, you look awful. This is crazy, you can't function without sleep.
      Becker: Oh, please, Margaret, when I was in medical school I used to go without sleep for weeks at a time, no problem.
      Margaret: And twenty years ago I could dance all night long in a halter top and hot pants. Things change.

    • Becker: Remind me if I'm ever on life support, not to have you in charge of pulling the plug.
      Reggie: Like I could get in front of that line.

    • Linda (to a friend): My boss is always on my ass, I swear every time I turn around, he's there....
      (Linda sees Becker on the TV screens in the store) Oh, I shouldn't have had that last Margarita.

    • Becker: Linda, do you know what will happen if we lost the medicine chest key?
      Linda: Our patients would have to buy all their drugs off the streets?

    • Margaret: John, Mrs Recinos is here today.
      Becker: No, no, no, not her? Not today? Did you ask her what's wrong?
      Margaret: Oh, no, I know better.

    • Becker: It's temporarily out of order.
      Jake: John, my eyes are temporarily out of order. Your TV is dead.
      Reggie: Yeah, Becker, why don't you just get a new TV? I read in the paper that Tech Town is having a cheap bastards sale.

    • Becker: Linda, what's going on?
      Linda: The usual patients. My leg hurts, my back hurts, bunch of whiners.

    • Becker: It's not that bad, it's just temporarily out of order.
      Jake: John, my eyes are temporarily out of order, your TV is dead.

    • Salesman (to Reggie): Thanks, Ma'am
      Reggie: Ma'am?!

    • Salesman (to John): So, are you here to buy a TV this time or are you just gonna take another peek into the future?

    • Jake: Is this apple pie you made with crackers instead of real apples?
      Reggie: It's meatloaf.
      Bob: It looks like tuna salad.
      Jake: But it tastes like apple pie.
      Bob: Hmm, meat that looks like fish but tastes like dessert.
      Jake: You know, Reg, you're getting better. Last week you made pudding that looked like meat but tasted like fish.

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