Season 2 Episode 16

Old Yeller

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2000 on CBS

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  • Better than the last one.

    Becker's complaints about his tickets were funny. Very typical of him to blame someone else for all the things that are clearly his fault. Jake and Reggie just ignoring him was a nice change, rather than complaining about his anger. Becker showed a little weakness and sensitivity when it came to his age. It's nice to see he has emotions. However, onec again, they were over the top, this time with the references about him being old. The DMV woman's sarcasm was hilarious. I liked the fact that Reggie and Margaret actually pointed how cliche Becker's little midlife crisis was.
  • John goes through some tough times when people see him as being old.

    At the diner, Reggie brings out breakfast for Jake, who is trying to blend in by reading a paper. It's obviously not doing too well, since the paper is upside-down. Jake mentions how he heard a story on the radio about someone who bought a painting for $5, and found it was worth $1 million. John then walks in complaining about getting nailed by a police officer for not wearing a seat belt, no rear-view mirror, an expired license, etc, all while going the wrong way on a one-way street. Reggie and Jake, however, don't care to hear about John's problems.

    John walks into the office late after taking his car to the mechanic to get it fixed to make it roadworthy. John said he's going to have to leave work a little earlier than normal to go to the DMV. John goes in to see a patient who hurt his back, by sneezing. He continues to lump John into his age group, which bothers John.

    At the DMV, John is waiting in line, when he's called to the front to get his eyes checked, but he doesn't do so well, but enough to get his license.

    John stops by the diner, but leaves when he hears the silly conversation Reggie and Jake are having.

    At the office, John comes in and sits down. Linda points out that her grandfather makes the same noise John makes when he sits down or gets up. Margaret then tells him that he's been getting AARP cards, which makes John feel even older. John walks in to see a patient of his. She's an attractive, young woman who needs a flu shot. She tells him that she's got some concert tickets, and says that maybe he could take her mother. Upset about being old in other people's eyes, John calls his patient who had the back problems, and asks him if he's still interested in selling his motorcycle. He had been using it since it made him feel younger. John wants to do it for the same reason, plus the mechanic called and said he's been having problems finding parts for John's car.

    John comes into the office, with a box in his hands. He opens it and pulls out a motorcycle helmet, just as Margaret comes in. Margaret thinks John's crazy for buying the motorcycle. A woman from the pharmaceutical company comes by to talk to him, and John is excited when she notices that he rides a motorcycle.

    After a long discussion, John escorts her out. Margaret notices that John is going to have a date with her, and yells at him, since he's still supposed to be dating Liz. John then tells Margaret to get him out of it.

    At the diner, John comes in to hear Reggie and Jake talking about silly stuff again. They end up making fun of John for buying the motorcycle.

    At home, John is reading the manual for the motorcycle, since he's never had one. John's super comes in and tells him to get rid of the motorcycle, and laughs when John said it's not for a grandson, but himself. John then screws around on the motorcycle and drops it on his leg.

    John comes into work with a cane, and Margaret can't help but tell him to get rid of it. They end up getting into a discussion about aging. Linda comes by and tells John that he shouldn't feel bad about getting old, his getting the motorcycle is just something to make him excited and to help him get out of bed in the morning, something everyone needs eventually.

    Every person goes through some tough spots with dealing with their age, and John dealt with it in the typical male way. The scene at the DMV was one of my favorites.