Season 5 Episode 11

Once Upon a Time

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 05, 2003 on CBS

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  • Margaret's 10 Year Anniversary.

    Becker was a unique comedy for numerous reasons. It allowed Ted Danson to be one of the few sitcom stars to have two successful shows. It also took Danson, who was typecast as bartender Sam Malone and turned him into a completely different character in John Becker. Becker was one of the first shows to ever have an extremely angry man with a hatred for the world as the star.

    The show opened with a great rant by Becker regarding how operators always make you "hold" for no reason. This episode also featured the usual greatness from Jake and Bob. Unfortunately we had to put up with the God-awful Chris in the episode. As the show progressed Becker's writing seemed to get worse and worse. Luckily the actors were strong enough to still keep the show funny but in the 21st Century when shows get cancelled without hesitation it is amazing that Becker lasted six seasons. The flashback part of the episode wasn't that great. Margaret's not the best character and having her as the catalyst of the episode's plot could only lead to an average installment of Becker.
  • Margaret's 10th Anniversary for working for John comes up.

    At the office, Linda tells Margaret she's confused about the note in the calendar, because she doesn't remember what the star means. It turns out Margaret made the note, as a reminder of her 10th Anniversary working for John. When John comes in, he doesn't even mention it. Linda and Margaret talk about her first day, and we see a flashback of Margaret showing up for her first day. In the flashback, John's complaining on the phone about being moved into the office, while Margaret wants the job which John suggests no longer exists.

    A bit later, Linda is still talking to Margaret about her first day at the office. There's then another flashback of Margaret answering the phone for John. John ends up explaining some of the things which happened to him with his wife.

    At the diner, Chris brings out a big box of things. Everything in the box belongs to Reggie. It's mostly books and things, but there's a keyboard which belongs to Jake, so she hands it over, and he plays some pre-programmed sound effects. Mr. Franklin, from the apartment building comes in and complains to Bob about getting his sink fixed. Bob yells at Chris when she admits she was the one who told the tenants about where Bob hangs out.

    At the office, Linda and Margaret are talking about the anniversary. John walks in and complains about being fined for an expired parking meter. Linda tries to drop hints to John about the anniversary, but only annoys him. We then see a flashback to Margaret walking out the door when John is surprised she's still there, as she's been there most of the day.

    Still at the office, Linda and Margaret talk about how John threw her out the office. Back to the flashback, Margaret knocks on the door, and John lets her back in. She insists that she's hired.

    Bob walks into the diner and tells Chris how he fixed the sink, and he enjoyed working on it. Mr. Franklin comes in again and it seems the pipe Bob worked on exploded, and got everything soaked. It turns out Mr. Franklin cross-dresses, and Bob uses that knowledge to get him to change his mind about having Bob to fix things.

    At the office, Linda hugs Margaret, since she feels bad about how badly John treats her. She then leaves, and we get another flashback with Margaret cleaning up the office, and gets John to open the office, since a young man comes in, and needs stitches on his head. John insists this is the only patient he's going to help, and after that, he wants the office closed.

    Still at the office, as Margaret is about to leave, John calls her in with some paperwork, and reveals he didn't forget about the anniversary. He goes on to thank her for everything, he could have done it without her.

    I enjoyed this episode, as we were let in to see how the whole thing got started.