Season 2 Episode 20

One Angry Man

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2000 on CBS

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  • John and Linda have jury duty.

    Tonight's episode was primarily about John and Linda's jury duty. John said he's been able to get out of jury duty by telling the city that he's a doctor with dying patients to care for. Linda decides to write the city, and says her boss lies to get out of jury duty. It turns out that she wrote the letter on office's stationary, so John ends up getting another request for jury duty, and blames Linda for it.

    Jake is walking to Reggie's diner when he's almost run over by a large truck. Bob suggests that he gets a seeing-eye dog to help him out since the cane isn't a perfect aide for him.

    John meets a guy at court who is taking advantage of the city. He's using multiple identities for jury duty, unemployment benefits, etc. He also realizes that lawyers don't want intelligent people, so naturally Linda gets accepted for a murder case. This further frustrates John. The people at the court have a television with soaps, which John and everyone eventually take a liking to, and by the end of the episode, John is hooked.

    With John and Linda out of the office for two weeks, Margaret needs something to do, so she starts hanging out more at the diner. She finds Reggie's coffee very bitter, and suggests that she add chickery to the coffee. Reggie isn't at all happy with the suggestion that her coffee is bad, since no one else seems to complain about it. Reluctantly, Reggie adds chickery to the coffee, and word spreads around town, and her diner is filled with customers, and she's making quite a lot of money. Margaret just can't help but rub it in her nose.

    Jake returns to the diner with the dog, but tells Bob that he'll have to give him back. Bob, Reggie, and Margaret are all surprised, because he's been very helpful for Jake. It turns out that the dog seems to have a very, very bad gas problem. Within 60 seconds, the entire diner is empty of customers.

    I thought this episode was very well done. John's speech about intelligent people being rejected from the court was a little preachy, but completely understandable and correct, frankly. The humor in the episode was pretty good. The dog's gas problem was a little cheap, but the rest of the episode made up for it.
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