Season 3 Episode 3

One Wong Move

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2000 on CBS

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  • John's confronted on his habits.

    John walks into the diner and complains to Bob about his hot water not working, but Bob's in no hurry to fix it. When a young man comes in and passes out coupons to another restaurant, Reggie chases the man out. When John considers trying the restaurant, Margaret tells him there's no way he'll try it because he's a creature of habit, and the only place he'll eat Chinese is at Ming's.

    The next day, John walks into work and tells Margaret about eating at Wong's, and it surprises both Margaret and Linda. John goes into the other room to talk to a female patient who's feeling fatigued, but John doesn't seem to be able to figure out what the problem is. When she tells John that she and her husband haven't been having sex very often, John suggests changing things up. John then walks her out and Margaret reminds John of tickets to a hockey game. John then realizes he forgot his credit card at Wong's. He and Margaret send Linda to go to Wong's to retrieve the card. John goes into the other room to see a patient, Richard Hatch from Survivor. John goes off on a tirade about television, but changes his tune when Richard mentions he won $1 million.

    Later that day, John walks into the diner to get lunch, and is immediately questioned by Jake about the hockey tickets, which John hasn't purchased because of the credit card problem. John and Reggie then get into a debate about Wong's vs Ming's, and John walks out shortly thereafter.

    Back at the office, John is asked by Margaret to confront Linda about her lack of enthusiasm around the office, so they both go to talk to her, but Margaret ends up doing all of the talking. John just sits down in the background and listens to the whole thing.

    Still at the office, John asks Linda about Margaret, who went home early since she felt sick. John gets overwhelmed with all of the patients at the office. Linda's stalker comes by, which spooks her, so she leaves the room to watch TV. John is then confronted by the husband of the wife John told to try new things, but it seems she tried something new, all right... she's sleeping with the neighbor's wife. Jake then comes by and is ready to go to the hockey game, but since John's overwhelmed by patients, John tells him he can't go with him.

    Now at the hockey stadium, Jake and Reggie are trying to use the hockey tickets of John's, but they can't, since Jake isn't John, and Jake doesn't have John's credit card. They then try to buy tickets from a scalper, but they end up being tickets to a show on ice, and not a hockey game.

    The show ends with a scene in the diner, with everyone blaming one another for the way things went over the past day or so. John stands up and tells them that it's everyone's fault, and that it comes back to them telling him to change things up, to not eat at Ming's.

    I liked tonight's episode about habits, something we all have. I find myself to be very habitual, some good, some bad. I liked the final scene in the doctor's office the most.
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