Season 1 Episode 10

P.C. World

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1999 on CBS

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  • Becker is verbally "attacked" by a reporter. The man claims that Becker is a racist, and completely politically incorrect. The report causes Becker to lose friends and pacients... Any way, in the end Becker proves the man wrong and ends up on top.

    This episode is great, it helps prove the point that I strongly agree with: that political correctness is ridiculous; people can't be told what to think and what is ok to say. People should be nice to eachother, and racism is wrong, but people have the right to say and feel whatever and however they want. People always twist words around to make other people sound ignorant. People need to stop worrying about stupid things like being 100% political correct. And that is a major point in this episode..... Sometimes when a member of one race inusults a member of another race, he's just calling a dumb person dumb, and not insulting another race!!
  • Becker is attacked by a less then evil reporter.

    When a self loving reporter, thinks that Becker is racist. He makes a report about it. And people start to turn on the docter. So when the guy goes on the radio, Becker, who can't take anymore, goes down to the radio station. And hangs the bastard out to dry.
  • John goes on the attack when he's accused of being a racist.

    At the diner, John walks in while yelling at a guy who has his music turned up way too high. He complains about it for a few minutes while in the diner and says he wishes he could get rid of six idiots every day, it would make him happy. After he leaves, a guy in the diner who was listening to the whole thing asks Jake and Reggie if he comes in often, and they tell him that he's there every day. Outside, someone drives into John's car, so John comes in to get paper and a pencil to write down his information for the other driver, who comes in to do the same. They exchange words and say they'll see one another in court.

    At the office, Linda walks in late. A woman walks in to see the doctor, and Linda tries to sell her cosmetics. John comes in late, through the back door and complains about the guy who ran into him.

    John goes in to see a cab driver who was punched in the nose for triple charging.

    In the other room, Linda is busy selling cosmetics to all of the women in the office, so Margaret puts an end to that.

    John goes in to see another patient, he's got heartburn, but was worried it was something with his heart.

    John drops by the diner only to find that the guy who was in the diner the other day was a reporter, and he went after John in his newspaper. He said John verbally attacked african americans, asian americans, and blind people. This absolutely infuriated John, of course, and he stormed out of the diner.

    At work, John is asked by Margaret about the newspaper article. John said he was misquoted. A minute later, one of his patients, the one with the heartburn, who is african american, stops by and says that he read the paper and he doesn't want John to be his doctor again. John can't believe what's going on.

    In his office, John is sitting down when Margaret comes in to see how he's doing. During this whole time, Linda is still trying to sell cosmetics to the women. Margaret comes after her again, but when she notices how good her skin looks, she asks if she can get some. Since Linda can't sell cosmetics in the doctor's office, she tells Margaret, "No."

    At the diner, Reggie and Jake are listening to the radio where that reporter is being interviewed. He states that Dr. Becker likes to spread hate. When John finds out about it, he tries to leave the diner calmly, but they know that he's going to go down to the radio station.

    At the radio station, John stops by to complain about the reporter. All of John's friends are listening to the conversation on the radio. John does a good job of defending himself and turned the tables on the other man who was making this about race.

    I enjoyed the episode a lot, but it didn't seem to have as much comedy as there would normally be in an episode.