Season 2 Episode 10

Pain in the Aspirin

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 1999 on CBS

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  • Nothing happened

    A decent episode. The Bob plot line was dumb and pointless. The part about Becker's relationships was reasonable character development, but we didn't really learn much more about him. The part about going through her purse was pretty unoriginal too. The only parts I really liked was the sentimental moment between Margaret and John, and Linda's interpretation of Becker's dilemma as a riddle. When she then tried to tell another one and did it wrong, it was a classic moment. I wish there was more bickering between the two doctors; that's what gave them real chemistry. Now there's just kind of a placid feeling about everything. Hoping the series will get a bit better.
  • John catches Liz in a lie.

    Liz comes by John's apartment to make him dinner. When she goes into the other room, John goes through her purse. When Liz comes out of the other room, John asks her if she has any aspirin for his pain, but she says no.

    John walks into the diner to complain about Liz, since as he went through her purse, he noticed he had aspirin, but when he asked if she had aspirin, she said that she didn't have any. When John confesses that he went through her purse, Reggie and Jake criticize him for it.

    Bob walks into the diner who spoke to her ex-wife, and now all he has is a single dollar. Jake suggests that he spend it on a scratch lottery ticket, so he buys one from Jake. He ends up winning $20, and Jake convinces him to spend the $20 on more tickets, with his eyes on the big prize of $50,000.

    At the office, Linda wants to have a party, welcoming John back to the office, but Margaret tells her that he'd be upset about it. John walked in and complained to Margaret about the aspirin, but got chewed out like Jake and Reggie did. Margaret tried to give him a light day, so John goes in to see his patient, who is sitting on the table, naked, so he can show him his rash.

    Back at the diner, John is trying to explain the aspirin thing to Jake and Reggie again. He's trying to come up with a reason why Liz told him that she had no aspirin. Bob then comes in, as John is leaving, and tells Jake that he won $100, so Jake suggests that he turn that $100 in for 100 more chances at winning the big prize.

    John goes home to see Liz. He tries to quiz Liz, carefully asking if she ever forgets about something that she had in her purse, but she says that she knows everything that it's in there.

    Back at the office, John is asking a patient about Liz and aspirin, but she's not interested in hearing it. Margaret suggests that he take the rest of the day a little easy because of the injury. John tries to ask Linda about it, but John gets frustrated and leaves.

    John goes into the diner and tells Reggie that Liz told him that she knows all about the contents of her purse. Bob, sitting at one of the tables, yells out about having just won $10,000 with one of the scratch-offs.

    At the office, John is talking about Reggie's comments earlier about him trying to sabotage the relationship. After he yells at Margaret for trying to force medication on him for his injury, which upsets her. Margaret follows him into his office and they talk about how John needs her, but John's not actually saying any of it.

    John walks into the diner and Reggie tells him that he doesn't want to hear anything about aspirin. Bob walks in with bad news. Since his ex isn't technically his ex, she's taking half of his lottery winnings, and the rest is going to Bob's creditors and the IRS. It also turns out that Bob is allergic to the coatings on the lottery tickets, so his hands are covered in rashes.

    Liz comes by John's place and complains how her day went. Liz goes over to John's file cabinet, and takes out John's aspirin, so John yells at her for taking his aspirin when she has aspirin. He ends up outing himself in the process, and outs Liz, as she admits that she went through John's cabinet.

    Somehow, I saw where this episode was headed, yet it was still an enjoyable episode.
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