Season 2 Episode 24

Panic on the 86th

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 22, 2000 on CBS

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  • Reggie has a bit of a breakdown at the top of the Empire State Building because she doesn't know where her life is going. Becker makes friends with his call girl neighbor.

    As another reviewer said, this one is less comedic and more serious. Reggie is having her existential crisis in a more pronounced way than usual. Characters keep popping up who have Psych degrees - the security guard, a waiter he knows, the call girl - but who don't have a career per se. I really liked this episode because it's so real. We all have these moments of wondering if our life path was correct. Of course Becker's MD isn't helping him have a wonderful life. Near the end Reggie is sobbing and says "I don't even have a..." and Becker says "A what? A boyfriend? A career? A life?" Oh, this life...
  • Not the best...

    The show opens with John and Reggie hugging on the Empire State Building. Meanwhile, a couple walks by and the woman finds them romantic.

    Earlier that day...

    John comes into the diner upset, but Reggie would rather talk about Liz. Bob comes in picks on John for Liz leaving him; John ends up telling everyone about how Liz was married, and he ends up reciting the plot to an old film, upsetting Bob.

    When John comes into the office, Linda tries to talk to him about he and Liz, but John's not interested in hearing any of it.

    Back at the diner, Margaret, Jake, John, Bob, and a few others are hanging out when they all decide to leave to their respective places. Bob doesn't have anywhere to go, however.

    Back home, John helps out a neighbor, Anita with an injury on her hand.

    We now join Reggie, Linda, and Margaret on top of the Empire State Building. They talk about how they've never been up there, but Margaret wants to leave, as she's terrified of heights. Margaret and Linda end up leaving Reggie alone, but she's eventually joined by a security guard.

    Back home, John's eating some dinner with Anita when Jake drops by to have dinner with him since Jake thinks he's alone. He leaves when John tells him Anita's there. John walks back over to the couch and Anita questions him about Liz, however John doesn't want to talk about her.

    We now join Reggie and the security guard on the top of the Empire State Building. Reggie gets depressed and has an anxiety attack when the security guard tells her how unsuccessful he is despite having a psychology degree, which is what she's shooting for.

    Back home, John and Anita is joined by Bob, who thinks John's alone, which isn't the case. John's interrupted by a phone call from the security guard, who tells him about Reggie.

    John now joins Reggie on top of the Empire State Building, and he tries to calm Reggie down. They end up talking about how they both are in tough spots, particularly him since Liz left recently. Before they leave, Reggie asks John for a hug; this is the same as the opening scene.

    This episode was kind of boring, it just wasn't all that interesting.