Season 5 Episode 7

Papa Does Preach

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2002 on CBS

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  • papa does preach

    Thanks to the great channel that is Universal HD I am able to relive some episodes of one of the most underrated comedies of the past fifteen years, Becker.

    Tonight's episode featured a great guest spot by French Stewart, who had a memorable guest spot on Just Shoot Me, and was great on 3rd Rock from the Sun as well. He played a character with multiple personalities which obviously clashed with Becker.

    Not the most memorable episode, the seasons with Nancy Travis at the diner ruined the show in some people's eyes, but definitely an episode that is worth watching if it pops up on your TV.
  • Three great storylines in one episode makes this a must-watch!

    It's a guy with multiple personality disorder driving Dr. Becker nuts, as one persona is willing to take the pills while another one is afraid of the pills. This has a funny unfolding as a third persona shows up and Linda is who ends up taking care of the situation.

    Bob becomes a Big Brother, although the big part of the title doesn't really fits him. He goes overboard trying to teach culture to the kid and the kid's reaction is typical of what a kid would do in real life.

    The weakest link was Chris and Jake annoying the heck out of each other, and even that storyline had its good moments. They really got me confused as to what's the correct way to pronounce 'mayonnaise'.

    This is my favorite episode from the whole fifth season, and I highly recommend watching it.
  • John tries to deal with a patient with multiple personalities.

    At the diner, Jake tells Chris about something she does which bothers him. Her saying "okie-dokey" is really annoying to him. She then complains to Jake about how he taps the coffee cup with the spoon, so he promises to stop. John comes in and is happy about how he found a free pack of cigarettes on the subway. Bob comes in, and John asks him about when he's going to snake out his drain. Bob blows him off as usual, and confesses he's thinking about becoming a father. It seems that Bob lied in about having kids, in the earlier episodes of Becker. Bob confesses he really likes the idea of passing his knowledge on to a son or daughter so they can accomplish everything that he hasn't.

    Jim walks in to the office to learn about some tests. Margaret tells him to go to room one. She turns around and tells Linda about how Jim had numerous personalities, and Linda's oddly excited about the guy. She seems turned on by the idea of going to bed with one guy, and you really don't know who you're going to wake up next to. John walks in to see Jim, and he reveals he's got high cholesterol. It seems "Jerry" is hiding the medication Jim was given by his psychologist so he cannot take them. John asks Jim if he can get "Jerry" to come inside some day to talk to him.

    Bob and Scott come in to the diner to see Chris and Jake. Bob found Scott at some sort of youth place. Bob tells Scott all about Jake and Chris, and reveals he's planning on taking Scott around town to museums and other cultural buildings.

    "Jerry" comes in to see John, and Linda's excited to see him. Margaret walks "Jerry" in to see John, and they start talking about the pills. "Jerry" tells John that Jim is hiding the pills because he's afraid of the side effects. Realizing Jim has been lying to him, John tells "Jerry" to send Jim in sometime.

    John walks into his apartment only to see Bob and Scott hanging out. Bob convinces John to talk to Scott about him going to Harvard, and Scott's impressed. Bob ends up using John by showing how much potential he had, and where he is at now.

    At the diner, Chris and Jake are arguing about things that annoy one another, and the argument doesn't seem to be very light in its tone.

    Jim walks into the office, and Linda's still turned on by the whole multiple personality thing. Jim goes to the back to see John, while Margaret and Linda talk about the multiple personality problem Jim has. John walks in to see Jim, and Jim shows John the note "Jerry" left him on his hand. John confronts Jim about the pills, and he realizes "Jerry" was right about Jim hiding the pills. John yells at Jim, and Jim morphs into "Jerry", then back and forth, and eventually ends as "Stephanie", a child. John leaves the room and asks Margaret to call Jim's psychologist. Linda goes in and is able to get Jim/Jerry/Stephanie to take his/her pills by agreeing to accompany them to various places.

    Bob walks into the diner and notices Jake and Chris are at completely opposite places in the diner, she behind the counter, and he behind his newsstand counter. It seems they're annoyances have gotten out of hand, and they're not speaking because of it. Bob suggests that they find some common ground and agree on some things. Scott comes in and asks Bob for the money he borrowed. Scott wants to go to the toy store after school because he's tired of going around to the museums and everything. Bob's upset that Scott doesn't appreciate everything he was doing for him. When Bob leaves, Chris and Jake try to make up. John comes in and notices things are quiet in there finally. They tell him they've taken care of their disputes, and get upset at John when he slurps his coffee.

    I enjoyed the Jim/Jerry/Stephanie multiple personality plot to the episode, as it added something different to the show. I wish this would become a more common character (or set of characters) to the show. I thought that the fights between Jake and Chris were a little silly, but I suppose if you're fairly new to one another like this, those little things would eventually get on your nerves at some point.
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