Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2002 on CBS

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  • Chris has arrived.

    Becker believes one of his neighbours is sabtagoing his home.....but after half and hour we learn that new arrival in town Chris is one who in trying to make her life better was destroying Becker's.

    I loved the humour in this episode....but I hated the fact that Nancy Travis (Chris) planted her foot on the show.

    Overall, another series classic.
  • John gets paranoyed when weird things happen with him, and thinks someone is out to get him.

    At the diner, Jake and Bob are sitting at the counter. Jake asks Reggie to help him separate receipts for taxes. A woman comes in and asks for change in quarters. She's new in town, and her phone isn't turned on. She's going to use Reggie's pay phone to find a job. John comes in and complains about someone who took John's wet clothes out of the dryer, and they weren't dry yet.

    John walks into the office to complain about how his mailbox has been broken into. In the other room, Linda is talking to a woman about her medical history, since she lost it. John comes in to speak to the patient, who is suffering with back problems.

    At the diner, Reggie is looking through more receipts, and Jake offers up a little story for each one. Chris, the woman who's looking for a job, chimes in with her own work history and life story. Bob's really attracted to her, but she's not interested in dating him.

    At the office, Margaret notices how John's been quiet for the past few hours. John's neighbor comes in and complains about John putting a knife in his door. He tells John he didn't have anything to do with John's clothes or mail. The patient from earlier, comes in to speak to Linda. She tells her that she found his daughter's diary, and Linda was right about everything she told her earlier. The two of them discuss things, and Margaret continues to chime in with her opinion.

    At home, John runs into Bob, and he calls him into his apartment. John asks Bob to help him track down the person who's been screwing around with John's things. When John finds that there are roaches everywhere, in the refrigerator, in the cabinets, and in the closet, he freaks out, and Bob leaves, since John obviously upset someone, and they put all of the roaches there.

    At the diner, Chris announces she's got a job interview with a clothing store. John comes in and complains about all of the roaches, and he's decided to get back at everyone and take their newspapers. He thinks this will get everyone to turn on one another, and rat the guilty party out. Chris suggests a different approach, but John isn't interested in trying it.

    At the office, Margaret, Linda, and Mrs. Rowland are in one of the offices, doing role playing, trying to get Mrs. Rowland to realize where she went wrong. Linda's the therapist in the whole thing.

    Back at the diner, John and Bob come in. Bob bug-bombed his apartment, so he shouldn't go back there for a while. Bob offers a short list of people which are possible suspects. Since John's apartment is filled with roaches, and is being bug-bombed, John is staying with Bob.

    At the tenant's meeting, people are complaining about everything. John comes in and asks about the clothes, the mail, and the roaches, but no one knows anything about it. Chris comes in, and she is living in the apartment complex now, since her grandparents moved to Florida. It turns out Chris has John's mail because she saw that his mailbox was broken, and she didn't want to see the mail get stolen. She's responsible for the roaches because she used some sort of ultrasonic device to scare away roaches, and they all seemed to have gone to his place. And to top it off, Chris took John's wet clothes out of the dryer because the dryer was smoking, and she didn't want them to get burned. This all leaves for a rather awkward moment, since John's surrounded by everyone who lives in the building.

    Chris brings over more of John's mail, and brings over some fresh oatmeal and raisin cookies, as a way to say "sorry".

    I thought this episode was pretty silly, and I thought the way it ended was great.