Season 1 Episode 17

Partial Law

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 1999 on CBS

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  • John's computer is stolen, so he turns to Bob to get a new one.

    At the diner, Bob drops by to see Reggie. John then comes in to complain about his night. He walks in to see his door wide open, and his computer stolen. The police didn't get anywhere, so Bob said he should have paid the cops a little something. They get into a discussion about greasing the cops and then the discussion turns into screwing the insurance company, suggesting other things got stolen, but John isn't that kind of a guy. Bob offers John to get a computer for him, no questions asked, but he declines the offer. You just know where this is headed.

    At the office, John asks when the insurance agent was going to be there. Margaret says that she was robbed once, on prom night, by her date. Linda then tells John that she feels sorry for him. The insurance agent stops by, and is willing to offer him $400 for the $2000 computer he bought. Furious, he said he's going to sue the insurance company.

    At the diner, Bob drops by again to see Reggie. John quickly follows Bob in, complaining about the insurance company. He went around town, looking for computers for $400, but couldn't find one. Jake and Reggie said that he should have padded his insurance claim, like they suggested earlier. Bob then tells John that he can get him a computer for $400, no questions asked. Reluctantly, John says "yes."

    Back home, John opens the door when Bob knocks on the door. He rolls in two boxes, it's apparently a top-of-the-line computer. Bob offers to set up the computer, but gets a little snooty when the pizza John has is cold.

    At the office, Margaret has a message from Bob, but he asks her to throw it out. Margaret and John get into a discussion about computers, and how Bob got him a hot computer.

    John goes into see a patient of his. He's trying to scam the insurance company by faking a neck injury. Bob sent him, so John runs him out of the office, as well as three other patients Bob sent.

    At the diner, Bob drops in to see if John is there, which he isn't. Bob said they're becoming good friends, and he just bought some Yankee tickets. After Bob leaves, Reggie and Jake talk about John and Bob. They wonder if Bob is telling the truth. John drops by and tells Reggie and Jake the truth about their relationship.

    Bob drops by John's apartment to talk to him. John sits him down to talk about their relationship. Bob comes away from the conversation thinking John is gay. John says he isn't, and they further discuss the computer. It turns out it wasn't stolen, Bob bought it retail, with the intention of getting closer to Reggie. She was always attracted to her and still is.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. You kind of knew where this episode was going from the beginning, but it was still full of laughs. Bob is a great character for the show.