Season 4 Episode 17

Picture Imperfect

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2002 on CBS

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  • Not my favorite storyline

    This was not my favorite storyline

    I believe this whole episode was probably written to have a so-called big name celebrity appear in it.

    Jake loses his voice and we have to watch Reggie and Bob be his voice and ears.

    Linda dates a dwarf, and is shocked when he breaks up with her first.

  • John gets upset when he finds that the medical paper he wrote was published, but with someone else's picture next to it.

    Jake comes into the diner, looking for Reggie. Jake's hearing isn't working so well because Amanda took him to a concert. Bob comes in and is upset when Jake doesn't say "Hi" to him (since he can't hear him). Bob thinks it's sad that Jake can't hear or see. John comes in and complains about the girl scout who came to his apartment to sell cookies.

    At the office, Margaret complains to Linda about her playing games on the computer instead of working. John walks a patient out who hurt himself while wearing woman's shoes. John then runs into the water delivery man, Arnoldo. He and Linda talk for a minute, and he asks her out, and she agrees to go with him. Margaret opens a letter and finds John's paper has been published in a medical journal, and when she tells him about it, he's really happy about it.

    At the diner, Bob's eating part of Jake's lunch, and when Amanda calls, he tells her off, since she's responsible for his hearing problems. John comes in with news about his piece in the medical journal. Arnoldo comes in, and joins Bob and Reggie in a discussion about a cat which can water ski. When John leaves, Arnoldo tells Bob about him going out with Linda, and Bob's upset, since she turned him down.

    The next day, Linda comes into the office and she tells Margaret that the date didn't really go so well, they didn't really "click". John walks out a young patient, and he tells him about the piece John wrote, but he's not that interested. Margaret hands John the medical journal, and the picture next to the article isn't of him, which upsets him obviously.

    Still at the office, John is on the phone with the medical journal, and he's not able to get anywhere with them. Linda asks Margaret to tell Arnoldo she's not there if he comes in.

    John comes into the diner and asks for some coffee. Reggie apologizes for not paying attention to him when he told them about the article. It seems Linda dropped off the article, and they're making fun of the picture. Amanda calls again, and she wants to make up.

    Back at the office, John tells Margaret he's done the paperwork that needed to be done. It seems there are a few calls about the article, and they're all laughing about the picture in the magazine. John decides to leave and go to the journal and complain in person. There's then a call from Arnoldo, so Margaret tells him Linda's not there. Linda's happy he called, but she's not interested in dating him.

    John arrives at the editor's office for the journal, and John complains to the man about the paper. It seems the editor put that picture in there, on purpose, as revenge. Because of John, the man missed out on med school, and has made his life terrible. When John reveals that his life hasn't been much better, which cheers the man up, and promises to reprint the article with John's real photo.

    Linda comes into the diner to see Arnoldo. Arnoldo feels the same way Linda does, they aren't meant for one another. Jake comes in, and his hearing is better. He tells Reggie that she and Amanda made up, and even bought him new clothes. When he takes off his jacket, it seems Amanda is still angry with him. John comes in with the new medical journal, and they reprinted it, but with the wrong name, "John Pecker". We cut to Wally, the editor, laughing, in his office.

    I have to admit this episode had several funny parts, but I just didn't find myself all that interested in it.
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