Season 4 Episode 20

Piece Talks

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2002 on CBS

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  • Old dudes getting it on!

    Anti depressants gives an elder patient of John a very active libido, while his tries her best to hid from his every raging lions.

    Bob has connections......WOWWOWWOW!

    Reggie freezes blows on her and Bob with the help of a very annoying and obnoxious friend helps get Reg a freezer for a very low price.

    Overall, this was a lovely episode.
  • Reggie's freezer dies, and John plays a sex therapist to an elderly couple.

    At the diner, John, Jake, and Reggie notice a terrible smell. It seems the refrigeration system has failed, and everything's gone bad. Bob comes in and notices the smell as well. Bob tells Reggie he's got a guy who can get a freezer for her on the cheap, so she agrees, since she doesn't want to close the place down.

    At the office, John, Margaret, and Linda discuss what to have for lunch, but they're having a difficult time choosing what to have. A woman comes in and asks to speak to John.

    In his personal office, John talks to the woman, and she wants John to take away the pills he gave her husband, as he's very horny, and she's not interested in doing that anymore at his age. John walks her out, and Margaret and Linda still can't figure out where to order food.

    At the diner, Lenny comes in for a paper from Jake. He walks over to the counter to speak to Reggie. Bob comes in, and they're excited to see one another. Lenny is the guy Bob got to help Reggie out with her freezer problem. Reggie's turned off by the guy, as he's obnoxious like Bob.

    At the office, Linda is checking the pulse of a patient, who is hitting on her. John says all of his things seem good, and John brings up the man's sex drive. He tells him that the man's wife came in. John suggests they get a therapist, but he wants John to help them through it, since they've been his doctor for years. John walks out and tells Margaret about what's going on, and she thinks it's incredible.

    Jake comes into the diner, and wonders if Lenny is there. It seems he played a prank of Jake by pouring salt all over his braille book. Lenny comes in, happy about the day. Bob comes in and is upset about that Reggie's about to through Lenny out. It seems Bob is getting 5%, so he's got money on his mind. John comes in and insults Lenny, and quickly leaves.

    John walks into the office to speak to the older couple about their sex life. She reveals that she wants him to be more romantic.

    Back at the diner, Lenny comes in with the new freezer. When she asks about who to make the check out, but he reveals that he's not going to give it to her for that price, not without sex first. Bob stands up for Reggie, and gets him to bring the freezer around back. Reggie thanks him for standing up to his friend for her.

    Later that night, John comes into the diner, and finds Reggie and Jake sitting at a table. Reggie's a bit down on herself about the freezer thing, and John's not so pleased about his day, playing sex therapist to a couple of eighty year-olds.

    This was a pretty silly episode, and the whole thing with Bob's friend, Lenny was a bit ridiculous, but it was funny at times.
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