Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 1998 on CBS

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  • This episode presents a perfect picture of what Becker is all about.

    This episode marks a good start to a good series. We get to see Becker and what he is all about - ranting about society at the diner, dealing with patients through "tough love" and going the extra mile to help a kid who is HIV positive. The only part of this episode I could have done without was the scene at the car dealer.

    This episode doesn't do a good job at introducing most of the other main characters, although we do learn that Reggie recently inherited the diner when her father died. Linda had limited screen time in this episode, and there was no clue as to how come Jake can be a friend of John's despite John's foul mood. This said, the pilot does its job of inviting us to watch the next episode.
  • An excellent start to a great series!

    At the diner, John comes in, and several people run out. John complains about talk shows, which annoy the heck out of him. Reggie says he could have changed the channel, which he did, but found another crappy show. Jake says he should just turn it off, but John only leaves it on so he's got something to complain about.

    John walks into his office late, and the office is swamped by patients. Margaret notices John's been smoking again, so she complains about it. John goes in to see one of his patients, an overweight man. John is very frank with the man about losing weight. He walks out and runs into Linda, the new nurse's aide. She's really annoying John. John walks into his private office to see a child sitting in his chair. The child's name is M.J., and he's HIV positive. John tells him he'll try to figure out something new to help him, but M.J. is surprisingly mature for his age.

    Back at his apartment, John makes a phone call to a doctor, who was married to John's ex-wife at one time. John asks him for some help with M.J.

    A homeless man comes into the diner and asks John for some money, but leaves when he realizes who he is. John's apparently legendary for his disinterest in giving money to the homeless. John is looking through the paper for a car, but he's really turned off by the way people try to sell their cars.

    At work, Linda's having a problem with the computer. Margaret comes up and asks how long Linda's had a nipple ring, so Linda asks how she would know about it. Margaret turns on the X-Ray machine, and there's an X-Ray of her breasts, and you can see the ring. John comes in and says he's going to buy a car.

    At the car dealership, a woman is yelling at a man. She walks out and meets John, who tells her there's nothing she can tell him he's not heard before. She proceeds to tell him she's been sleeping with the car dealer, and is looking to hurt him. She decides to offer a $18,500 car for $13,000, but John thinks there's something wrong with the car. She breaks down, and John asks for a male salesman.

    At the office, John has some test results, and walks into his office to speak to M.J., and his mother. It seems the numbers aren't as good as he was hoping for. M.J.'s mother asks him to leave, so she and John can talk about him. John tells her that he needs to go to specialized treatment.

    Still at the office, John tells Margaret he wasn't able to get the new car, and John's going to take care of M.J.'s medical bills himself.

    John comes into the diner to order some food, but Reggie isn't there. She comes out of the back, all dressed up, set for a date. John grabs a cigarette and leaves after being told Reggie's date is with a dentist.

    As far as pilots are concerned, this one was really good. They did a great job at setting up the show, and there are only a few changes noticeable in future episodes.
  • First episode sets great tone for the show.

    The first episode showed us exactly what Beckerwas all about. The one thing people probably know and remember about Becker is that it was a comedy. It had many funny and episodes an even funnier characters. But the one thing people should know about Beckeris that it dealt with a lot of serious issues as well. It dealt with death, drug use, obesity a condition in which somebody’s weight is more than 20 percent higher than is recommended for that person’s height and the pilot episode was no different. The first episode dealt with a young boy who had HIV who John was looking after.

    With so many laughs in the show we may not stop to think about what the message of the episode may be, and some of them were very powerful like this one with MJ.
  • Becker deals with the possibility that the condition of a patient is so serious he may die. The one chance he does have is a high-charging special centre that Becker puts his own money aside for instead of a car.

    Since it\'s Becker\'s debut on television of course it\'s a very special episode.

    We are introduced to Dr. John Becker, a doctor running a small but busy practice in the Bronx. However rude, egotistical, opinionated, buttheaded he may come off across he does have a good heart. After all one of his patients, an HIV-positive child whose only hope is the services of a high-charging center. Instead of buying the car he was going to, (his car is a real wreck and everybody lets him hear about it) he puts the money aside for the kid. In between it all is humor like no where else.