Season 2 Episode 1

Point of Contact

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1999 on CBS

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  • John thinks he's got a stalker, but no one believes him.

    John comes into the diner complaining about the new coffee shop opening down the street. Reggie follows him in, saying how much she loves the new coffee shop. She, John, and Jake get into a discussion about a bet they all made about vitamins, and John lost, so he owes them dinner on Friday night.

    Bob then walks into the diner and asks for some muffins for breakfast. When Bob notices he left his wallet in his other pants, so he wants to pay with a check, but she reluctantly agrees to accept it. At one of the tables, a woman chokes on some food, so John rushes over and Heimlich's her and saves her life.

    At the office, she stops by and gives him a bunch of cookies, which freaks him out a little.

    At the diner, Bob is back. Reggie yells at him because his check bounced. Bob takes the check back and calls his bank to see what's going on. John then comes in to see if Reggie was the one who told the woman where she worked, and she said yes, she told her. Bob leaves, complaining about the bank.

    At home, John is eating dinner out of the fridge when there's a knock at the door. When he answers it, the woman she saved walks in with a small box. She can't seem to get John out of her mind. After she leaves, he opens it and exclaims "Oh, my God."

    John walks in to the office and tells Margaret about what happened with the lady. She gives the box to Margaret. She opens it and pulls out a pair of mittens. John thinks this is some sort of fatal attraction, boil the bunny kind of thing. John decides to go to his personal office and call the police. He's unable to get anywhere with them, since she doesn't seem to be committing any crimes.

    John walks into the diner to take Jake and Reggie out for dinner. All three of them are all dressed up. John tells them that everywhere he goes, the woman she saved is everywhere he is. Just as they're leaving, Bob comes in and says his wife has left him, cleaning out his bank account. Jake tries to seem sympathetic to Bob and tells him to go and try to get her back. Bob runs out after her, which is what Jake wanted, so they could leave and go to dinner.

    Out at dinner, John, Jake, and Reggie are sitting down getting ready to order, when John gets a call on his beeper. After John gets up to call the number, and that woman who John saved, comes in, which freaks Reggie out. It turns out she's a nun, but when John comes back, he notices her, and John confronts her, not knowing she's a nun. When he finds out she's a nun, John only further puts his foot into his mouth.

    I found this episode to be very funny, especially John's reaction in the restaurant when he finds out that his "stalker" was actually a nun. It was a very well written episode.
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