Season 3 Episode 14

Pretty Poison

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2001 on CBS

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  • John's ex tells him she left her husband for him.

    In the middle of the night, John is awaken by a knock at the door, by his old girlfriend, Megan, who says he left her husband to be with him. He thinks it's a dream, but realizes it isn't.

    Jake comes into the diner, looking for John. He stood Jake up at the Knick's game. It seems no one had heard from John. Bob comes in claiming to have heard groans coming from John's apartment. John and Megan come in so they're asked about where John has been. Megan leaves after a minute. John says Megan has divorced, and they're together now. Margaret can't help but notice how happy John is.

    John comes home and notices Megan has cleaned up his place, rearranged things, and really impressed him. She even made him dinner. When the phone rings, it turns out to be Megan's ex, who wants back in her life.

    The next morning, John comes into the office, happy about how last night went. John announces that Megan's moving in now.

    At the diner, John's sitting down, waiting for Megan, who is two hours late. Jake can't believe John gave Megan his credit card. There's then a phone call from Megan, who tells John that the reason she's late is she's locked in a bathroom off the New Jersey Turn Pike, so he quickly leaves to help her out.

    In the car, John's giving Megan a ride home. Megan apologizes for hitting him. She thought John was Dave, another guy Megan went out with a while back. After a little further down the road, Megan tells John to take a right, and get off the exit, since Dave is following them.

    The next morning, John comes in to the office, where Margaret asks John what the heck is going on with him and Megan. Linda then tells John that Megan is waiting for John in his office. John goes in and Megan apologizes to him about the way things went last night. She asks him if he'd go out with her for dinner, but John wants to go to the diner, although Megan doesn't want to. She thinks Reggie is after John, but John assures her that's not the case.

    Later that day, Megan is chatting and laughing with Reggie, Jake, and Bob. Megan goes over and greets John. She seems much more at ease. When Megan leaves, Reggie and Jake tell John that Megan is crazy. John can't believe what he's hearing, so he leaves.

    John arrives home, and doesn't see Megan anywhere. He listens to the answering machine, and there are several other guys looking for Megan. The credit union also called and said there was some unusual activity with his credit card. Megan tries to get his attention off of all of it by taking him into the bedroom.

    The next morning, John is talking with Reggie and Jake about Megan, who took a lot of John's stuff when she left before he woke up.

    The story didn't get me interested, so this certainly wasn't a favorite of mine.