Season 4 Episode 1

Psycho Therapy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

The show opens with highlights from the previous episode.

John yells at a guard and gets the judge to come down. John has to apologize before she lets him out of jail. John apologizes, but is told that he has to go to a therapist.

John comes into the office, happy to be out of jail. Linda comes out and hugs him. She tells him she was behind him the whole time, but everyone knows she's lying when Margaret brings out a message from someone for Linda about her applying for a job.

At the therapist's office, John is playing with a little game while he waits for his therapist, who comes in with crutches. John asks her if she would sign the slip so John can get the judge off his back, but she refuses. She tries to explain to John the way she deals with anger, but John thinks she's a pushover. John goes on to explain to his opinion on phone companies and other agencies, and even why we don't need Canada.

At the diner, Bob tells Linda to keep the other job, and demand more money from John before quitting the other. Jake comes in and tries to explain how impressive sex was last night with a woman who apparently told him everything she was doing, which he really enjoyed. John comes in and everyone pokes fun at John for having to go to therapy.

Back at the therapist's office, John is giving his therapist the cold shoulder because she's trying to treat him. A guy from the phone company comes in and wants to work on the phone, but she is told that she has to re-shedule because she has a patient. John can't believe she went along with it. After John yells at her, she yells back, surprising them both. She ends up going off on a rant about people who time after time screw her over in some way.

At the diner, Linda goes up to Margaret and demands more money, but is told "no", since there isn't enough money in the budget. Jake and his girlfriend come in, and she leaves to go to work. When she's gone, Jake complains about hos she's driving him crazy. John comes in and asks Reggie about why his therapist is acting the way she has been doing.

At the office, Margaret comes in and tells him about a message from his therapist. Margaret also tells him that Linda's coming in to ask about more money, but there's no extra money. She settles for Margaret's pen.

John comes home and finds his therapist in his apartment. She tells him how she feels alive when she yells at people. John's shocked when she tells him about how she went around cutting the break lines on a bunch of people's cars. John then pulls out the form from the judge, but she won't sign it.

Jake's girlfriend comes into the diner and kisses him. They walk over to a booth, and Jake yells at her for her incessant talking, so she leaves. She decides to pour a large pitcher of iced tea in his lap before she leaves, which gives Bob a good laugh.

On the street, John's walking Reggie to the bank when he notices his therapist, who is homeless now. He pays her $5 to sign his slip for the judge.