Season 4 Episode 1

Psycho Therapy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2001 on CBS

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  • Becker in Therapy

    I never thought I'd see the day........but it happened...Becker on a shrink's couch.

    In turns out that Becker's angry issues and loud mouth is contagious, when Dr Simmons fall under the spell and begins attacking anyone who has every done her wrong in her life.

    I'm glad Jake got rid of that girl......she was annoying me too.

    Overall, the episode was okay, but it should have been way better for a season premiere.
  • After apologizing recklessly to the judge, he is released out of jail but only if his assigned therapist signs a paper. It turns out that Becker ends up \\\\\\\"helping\\\\\\\" the therapist.

    This episode was wonderfully hilarious. Ted Danson was reunited with Cheers co-star Rhea Perlman, who played his therapist.

    It starts with him in jail, in many ways trying to make-up for what happened in court without apologizing. At last he apologizes, and is released out of jail but with the requirement that his assigned therapist will sign a slip of paper showing that he has attended the appointments.

    At the office he is welcomed warmly by Linda who had doubts whether he would be able to return from jail. There\\\\\\\'s a message for her that she had applied for another job (same type of job in another office) and she wants a pay rise but convinces Becker to give up his favorite pen. This is extremely funny because Becker said to Margaret who warned him before that Linda wanted a rise, \\\\\\\"Why don\\\\\\\'t I just get a ball of yarn and throw it on the ground?\\\\\\\" (something like that) and Margaret said, \\\\\\\"I doubt that will work again,\\\\\\\" implying of course it had worked before.

    In the end though the therapist who is having her own issues with saying what\\\\\\\'s really bugging her, ends up acting like an even more extreme Becker-esque character. Becker is appalled of course, but after paying her $5 she signs the slip of paper, and he no longer has to take the appointments. Excellent must-see episode of Becker. One of the best in my opinion in hilarity and well, hilarity.
  • Didn't do much for me.

    This episode saw a reunion with a formers Cheers cast member, Rhea Perlman. I was glad to see her in this, and she did a very good job.

    John was thrown in jail for contempt, and the only way he could get out was to apologize to the judge. He reluctantly did so, but he had to get a form signed by a court-appointed psychiatrist because of his anger.

    John goes back to the doctor's office. Linda hugs him like he's been gone for a month. Margaret has a message from someone for Linda, about another job. Apparently, she wasn't so sure if John would get out, so she looked for another job. She later asks for more money, but settles for a pen.

    After spending more time with the psychiatrist, she turns into Becker, very angry at everything.