Season 4 Episode 5

Really Good Advice

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2001 on CBS

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  • I'm sorry!

    After Reggie shows Becker the error of his ways, and teach him that wonderful phrase of 'I'm sorry', he takes to the extreme and loses a date in the process, and he gets yelled at by Margaret and Linda.

    Jake and Bob switch jobs, which I did not care for, and I was happy when their little experiment was over and down with.

    Overall, a wonderful episode.
  • Bob and Jake swap jobs for a day.

    In the restaurant, Bob really likes Jake's job, and wishes he had his job.

    John walks in and gets cigarettes and coffee. He yells at Bob, because his stove is broken, and Bob hasn't fixed it. John apparently had a date last night, and Reggie is happy for him. She then laughs when John told her that his date told her she had a headache and had to leave early.

    At the office, Margaret tells John that he wants some Medicare forms he was supposed to fill out, and he lies about it. Margaret lets him have it for lying and trying to apologize for it. Linda comes into John's office and tells him that her parents are fighting again.

    Bob and Jake are talking about maybe swapping jobs for a while. Bob's heart races when Jake gives him his cash box.

    John comes in to yell at Reggie because of her advice from earlier. Reggie tells him he can't say "sorry" to everything.

    To prove he didn't ruin it with Beth, he calls her up, and she agrees to go out on a date with him, on Wednesday. Reggie and Jake both tell him that Wednesday dates are pitty dates, and John thinks they're full of it.

    John comes into the office, and asks Linda about dates on Wednesday. Linda tells him the same thing Reggie and Jake told him.

    John walks into his office to see a patient. He asks him for advice on women, and he said his secret is crying.

    John gives Margaret the MediCare forms she needed, and he gets upset when she doesn't thank him for getting the job done. John apologizes for snapping at her and thanks her for all the work she does. Margaret thanks John for that, and John is surprised it went so well.

    John is waiting for Beth at a restaurant, but he's not acting like himself, and it's turning Beth off. The date goes horribly, even more so when John tells her that Wednesday night is pitty night, but she apparently didn't know that.

    At the restaurant, Jake and Bob are still doing one another's job, but it's boring. They decide to switch back to normal.

    John then walks in to complain to Reggie about Beth. John then goes after Bob again for not fixing his stove.

    I thought John's inability to use "sorry" properly was a bit ridiculous, and didn't find it to be as funny as the idea of Jake and Bob trading jobs for the day. It obviously didn't turn out so well for them.