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  • Cheers was good but this show is GREEAAATTTT - please start showing it again

    I've watched EVERY EPISODE of EVERY SEASON of this show (more than once), and will watch them all again from beginning to end if DirecTV ever shows BECKER again. Right now I cannot find it on DTV, but I'm hoping it will come back on one of the rerun channels soon.

    This show depicts a crotchety but extremely gentle and kind general practitioner who covers his gentleness with loud complaints about everything, while he's going out of his way to help any of his patients who need more attention than they are getting. He's so sweet and at the same time soooo irritating to those around him. JUST LOVE THIS SHOW :^)
  • Maybe I'm just hyperventilating

    Can anyone tell me how to actually watch a show here?
  • Some things about the TV Show Becker....

    Being from the Bronx and actually being in that office made this a personal TV Show. I loved it. And still watch it on from time to time. I would have given the show a 10 however there were a few things I didn't like. Main thing was Hatty Wilson part as a Christian. They made her a Hypocrite. And her parts were not funny. Like when Becker told her that He found Santa under the tree unwrapping his wife. Hatty over laughed. It wasn't that funny and I thought either her performance wasn't good or poorly written for her. There was a few other quirky moments in the show that needed work. But over all it was well written. I know they had a problem with Reggie, sadly she was a huge part of the shows success and they should have listened to her instead they didn't and she left the show. All they had to do was give a little more money and royalties. That's what I read. I think that Reggie replacement Chris was OK but didn't come close to Reggie. And it was only good if you totally looked at her as someone totally different but not as a replacement for Reggie. Reggie was beautiful and funny. The other thing was that Jake was a little to arrogant at times. Most blind people are humble people. And the relationship with the Blind woman didn't need to be in the show if she was going to judge Jake for being black and she can't even see that made for stupid writing. At least I think it did. Anyways the show was a success and very funny and I wish it was still on the air. Until then take care.
  • Smart Comedy!

    I just started watching this show just a year ago, and I simply love it. My wife gave me the DVD Collection of this show as a birthday gift which she purchased at MemorylaneDVD .com and since then I got hooked with this show. I didn't knew this kind of show ever existed! Ted Danson is magnificent as the main character, and I think he is refreshingly hilarious and talented actor. Shawnee Smith also makes a awesome idealist in portraying the character Linda. BECKER would be simply described as keen humor, smart and idealistic lessons in life which are very realistic and, perfect storylines, need I say more?!
  • Weird but not bad

    I did enjoy this show but did not watch all the time.
  • Can you say "sarcasm"?

    This show is one of the most bitter and sarcastic shows on TV. So many great one liners and comebacks. Not to mention all of the killer irony. This is a series that I have just been getting into lately, biut is is seriusly amazing. I LOVE Shawnee Smith; and her character on here is no exception. I actualy had no idea that she was on this show until I started watching, and I was really surprised, because I was mainlt familiar to her work in the Saw series. This show is great, and comes with tons of great comebacks and quotes. Surprisingly not as popular as it should be though.
  • doctor help this show is good

    I haven't seen this show in years, but i remember it being great. Maybe I might change my mind the next time i see it but who knows the next time ill see this on TV. I remember liking that blind black guy i think his name was Jake, and i also liked that greasy Italian guy Bob, and of course i liked the main character Becker, he was an A hole just like my old doctor and probably like most other peoples doctors, probably one of the reasons this show was a hit, finally 100 words no more rambling.
  • I watch it...but don't know why...

    I tend to watch this show once a day, because it is on so dang much on all the channels...but i don't know why. It really is not that funny, sure, it has it's moments, but even the worst shows do...have you ever seen Yes, Dear?

    Sure, Ted could carry any show, i just believe that, but this one just got to be too much...i don't really know why it was canceled, it did well...but then again, i don't know why it did well...

    If you like run of the mill, middle of the road shows, go ahead watch and enjoy.
  • Becker's a smoker? Since when?

    I love this show, and wish I'd started watching it sooner.

    But I was very disappointed to see Becker smoking in a recent Christmas episode. What kind of message is that to send? It didn't even have a point; there was no dialog to go along with it. He just lit up (in a restaurant, ew!) and started puffing away. Very, very strange.
  • One of TV's best ever. I still watch daily on WGN and Universal HD. I am in search of aDVD set!

    The scripts wrer incredible, considering only three regular sets. Reminds of another Danson was in. You get to know the entite cast, personally. I trully believe this will be one of those to always on TV somewhere each and everyday. It seemed to so real. All of the characters certainly had their own personality. And just when you thought you had seen it all, here comes Chris.This happens to one of TV shows that I never watched during it's regular broadcasts. I only became addicted to it after syndication. Maybe because of fans like me is one of the true reasons that we lost it far to early. Come Ted Danson, I know that you have a couple more left!
  • Pretty decent.

    I have to say that a show like Becker is underrated. It had some funny bits here and there that were actually original bits. I liked the characters and the storylines most of the time. But I thought that the last couple seasons were a bit tired and unoriginal. I liked the chemistry in the show, but it seemed like it was lost after certain actors and actresses left, such as Teri Farrell. I think for the most part the show did a decent job of staying to script and not trying to emulate other sitcoms. Overall, this show was quite decent. Thank you.
  • Becker was a great show that unfortunately not many people seem to understand. At a passing glance, the show seemed like a pretty lame idea, but if you really pay attention. The show is wonderfully written and the cast really plays well off of each other.

    To fully understand this show, I think you have to be a little more open minded. The idea of this show and how it revolves around a complaining doctor doesn't seem like much of a show, but I urge anyone who dismissed it to give it another chance. It has some really great writing and also deals with some moral issues as well. Deep down, Becker is a good person who cares about people, especially the ones that are closest to him.

    If you like Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Wings, Fraiser, etc., then I think you would like this show too.

    This is a great sitcom that deserves to be watched. One of my all-time favorites.
  • Becker is a classical favorite of mine and I feel was ahead of it's time.

    For the late 90's Becker was ahead of its time in it's comedy style. It more suits the new generation. I feel that Becker should of never been dropped and it was far superior to Everybody Loves Raymond in it's wit and comedy. It's sophisticated and blunt comedy combines wit and anger in Beckers amazing rants that the show is so accustomed to. Along with the great supporting characters, Jake Malinak being my favorite, the show brought the characters to life because they all had flaws that they must overcome. Something that is very rarely seen in a sitcom of our generation.
  • This was an amazing series. I thought Becker was the only character on Tv who was more honest to people around him than he was to himself. This was just a stroke of Genius!

    This was an amazing series. I thought Becker was the only character on TV who was more honest to people around him than he was to himself. This was just a stroke of Genius! There was something about Becker that everyone was able to connect to. He was obnoxious, he was unbearable and yet, he was lovable. I cannot say that this series was even although, it lost a bit of steam towards the end but then, the writers towards the later season were not sure of they wanted Becker to reform or not. They could not reform him without losing the charm of the series and they could not let him be, because things were getting stale. They tried new characters but not the most easy job to pit any actor against the genius of Ted Dansen. I sorely miss the series but I know it is a large part of me now. I was able to live my frustrations and my insecurities with John and it made my life more bearable at times.
  • Ah.. where to begin about the hilarious sitcom known as becker which takes place in the bronx while he runs a medical practice and tries to maintain his cool while dealing with the craziness around him *Cheers to My First Review On The New*

    So Becker was a sitcom i started to watch either in late 2004 or early 2005 somewhere in that time period i didn't think much of it initially but after watching it a few times i realized exactly what made this sitcom so funny and this is Becker's crackiness and tirades ranting on From anything about corruput politics or something as simple as the food at Reggie's diner a direct quote from becker that should be an all time top 10 funniest line was "Card Carrying Loonatics" eventually i got so hooked on Becker that in 2008 i happily bought the entire series online in DVD-R format i reccomend it entirely it's got everything from the Oh so Funny Bob, To The Lovely Linda, To The Boyfriend desperate Reggie, and her later Replacement Chris each character added something unique but for me it hit an all time low when Reggie and Bob left
  • I love this show, but they were wrong to replace Terry Farrell.

    I absolutely love this show, but they were totally wrong in replacing Terry Farrell. Reggie was the best character by far.
    Anyway, I still watched the show although I didn't enjoy the later seasons without her, however Shawnee Smith as Linda was great =]
    Ted Danson is an funny man, although he gets a bit predictable. The character of Bob was so funny =]
    Jake was a good character too. I didn't like the character of Margaret too much. But as I said before Reggie was definately the best! I think this show should be released on DVD, I would definatly buy it.
    All in all, this is definaltly a show to watch!
  • well it is good but sometime you feel something missing

    becker is a show revolving around the life of john becker a doctor with a private clinic who is never happy. i mean really never happy always bitc*ing aout something. the show is good but i always feel something is missing which i cant identify . anyway during the show you find that the doc cant maintain any relationship there always something wrong . but maybe part of the problem is that there is no possiblity for innovation they have a theme that worked for sometime but then you run out of idea as you cant base an entire show on someone hating is life ( althought this worked before).
  • In my opinion, the best ever television comedy that is a real-life, down to Earth series that each of us can relate to.

    This is one of the great television shows I have ever watched. The storylines were wonderful and the characters always made the show interesting. John Becker is the voice in each of us that we have to keep inside because it's not socially acceptable. Becker says what each of us think but can't or just don't have the guts to say. Ted Danson is a wonderful actor and his role as Dr. John Becker is his best yet. The only fault with the series is that it was taken off of the air way to soon. Thank God for reruns!
  • This show is amazing! It is very cool! Quite amusing indeed! HOW could anyone dislike this?!

    This show is very good. My favorite character is easily Jake tied with Bob. Bob is very good. I really like the episode where Jake dates the white blind woman. The result between Becker and Chris when Reggie leaves is also pretty good. The one where Becker recieves the ashes of his patient was very good as well. I really liked the one with Linda's friend, Linda. Becker's super comes VERY close to being my favorite character. He would be if Bob and Jake were not my favorites. It is very hilarious when everyone, even the super, tries to convince Becker to take Reggie to the fundraiser, or whatever it was. Still can't remember.
  • I love it

    This is one of my top 10 shows I use to stay up till 11pm to watch this show every friday but then they cancled it and I miss it sooooo much. Sure the last season wasn't so great but so what this show was the funniest medical show even better than House. When people say that becker started to go downhill after Reggi left I disagree because Chris was good for becker she was nice and optimistic while becker was pessimistic and angry she completed him and made him show his other side besides angry heart less mean becker. jk
  • Great show! Great characters! Danson and his entourage have great chemisty...

    Not exactly a "guilty pleasure", but I have to admit that at first I didn't think I liked this show. Only after I caught myself DVR-ing it and watching it every evening did I realize that I LOVE this show (turns out it was the guitar music/blurry New York interludes I didn't like - with DVR I could just fast-forward through that...). Ted Danson is great as the cheap, sarcastic, negative-but-lovable Becker. I also especially loved the characters Reggie and Jake. One of my favorite things about this show is its honesty and audacity to go ahead and get humor from Jake's being blind. In doing so it gets past political correctness and validates and normalizes his character. This show is really great. If you can catch the re-runs, do it!
  • I loved this show

    This is one of my top 10 shows I use to stay up till 11pm to watch this show every friday but then they cancled it and I miss it sooooo much. Sure the last season wasn't so great but so what this show was the funniest medical show even better than House. When people say that becker started to go down hill after Reggi left I disagree because Chris was good for becker she was nice and optimistic while becker was pessimistic and angry she completed him and made him show his other side besides angry heart less becker.
  • I just love this show.

    This show is hilarious, I LOVE Dr. Becker, Ted Danson is such a good actor, and I think there was better chemistry between him and Nancy Travis (as Chris); she brought more life into the show.

    This is one of the few sitcoms that can really make me laugh; our next-door neighbors hear my laughter when I watch this. It's original, it's funny, it's extremely entertaining and I can't believe it's over! One of the best comedies on TV.

    It has a very good ensemble of actors, very interesting characters and fantastic storylines and dialogues ... great way to spend half an hour of your time, very relaxing.
  • Forget House MD, this is the real deal ;)

    "Becker", a sitcom starring the Cheers-Star Ted Danson, playing the cantankerous doctor John Becker who doesn't hesitate to speak his mind.

    I always liked watching the character John Becker doing one of his rants. Although the character is a bitter cynical man, he's usually right with what he says. For example when he talks about the horrible TV program. ;)

    the other characters like Margaret, Jake and Reggie have to put up with him and get him off from his high horse once in a while.

    Ted Danson does a great job at showing the different sides of John Becker who actually has a soft heart, caring for his patients. But most importantly: The show is funny as hell ;)

    However, the show had a "JumpTheShark"-moment when Becker slept with Reggie (imo). After Terry Farrell left the cast, the show wasn't so great anymore. Therefore, "just" a 7.5
  • Becker is the kinda guy i want to be he tells it like it is.

    Becker is a crotchtey old guy living in the bronx. he goes to his favorite diner every morning and rants about the news and such. He's also a doctor who has a small practice with his long time nurse Margret and the ditzy, But HOT assistant Linda he's just trying to live his life and tell it like it is. I like Becker He is the kinda guy i wanna be a guy who tells it like it like the corrupt post office or the goverment. He's funny as hell too, but inside his hard outshell he has a heart of gold. The comedy on this show is real and not fake everything becker says is funny weaether it's the IRA or just some old lady beating him up he"s Becker and thats why this show is funny.
  • Finally! Someone I can relate to!

    I absolutely love this show. I can completely relate to Dr. Becker. We pretty much agree on everything! This show has hilarious, diverse characters and good plot lines. I watch it every day. It is one of the very few shows that I can actually stand to watch re-runs of. This is one of those shows that you'll probably like if you're not really that much of a people person, but to my fellow anti-socials, this show is great and you will understand and enjoy it entirely. Yeah, okay, I'm finished... but there's a 100 word minimum. Two Words. Bam!
  • An Original show & pretty funny too.

    From 1998 to 2004, Ted Danson played the misanthropic, in-your-face lovable cynic Dr. John Becker. Working in his clinic in New York City are the ditsy, youthful Linda and the sassy, smart and strong Margaret. The show was never as popular as The King of Queens, which it was always competing against. But Becker was a well-written show, where the strength was mostly in the characters. Becker was angry, cynical and hated sunshine, puppies, Valentines and many things, but he had a dignity of his own, and often we were angry WITH him because so many of the issues that made him made were understandably upsetting. Divorced twice, unlucky in love, and surrounded by a rather annoying group of friends- mainly at Regg's dinner, Jake and Bob, he was someone we just loved to see explode. The comedy is smart and well-written and very definitive of the 90's.
  • Hilirous medical comedy better than all other medical shows.

    Becker is one of my favourite shows, its a show that makes me come back to see the next episode, and its always great and i just wish that more people gave it a chance and let it have more seasons. People say that this show was good until reggie left but i thought that it still stood tall over other comedy shows, ok chris might not have been as good as reggie but she was still funny, and when they introduced hector is just went from awesome to utter brilliant becuase i think that hector is awesome he was so funny in every episode.
  • A really funny show

    This is one of my top 10 shows I use to stay up till 11pm to watch this show every friday but then they cancled it and I miss it sooooo much. Sure the last season wasn't so great but so what this show was the funniest medical show even better than House. When people say that becker started to go down hill after Reggi left I disagree because Chris was good for becker she was nice and optimistic while becker was pessimistic and angry she completed him and made him show his other side besides angry heart less becker.
  • This was a truly great show!

    I really loved this show. Ted Danson is so funny no matter what character he is playing. Dr. Becker was so different from Sam Malone of Cheers and yet tes was stilll so brilliante. I really liked this show and the Reggie character was hot! why they tool her off, that is just not very smart. the blind guy Jake was very good and adting blind, and Bob and Margatete and Linda very so funny. This should be considered one of the best shows of this decade, I will miss it. thank goodness for reruns! Maybe Becker will be released on DVD soon...
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