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  • A very funny show about a doctor called Becker in New York.

    This was a great and funny comedy about a doctor named Becker in New York. It is always funny to see becker interacting with his nurse margaret and other characters, some of the situations he gets into and what he goes on about is really funny.

    Becker has his own practice and thinks that life basically sucks, he his hardly ever happy and thinks that, in his words "the insidious forces of nature are always out to get me".

    I wish this show had gone on for longer!

    Margaret is Dr. Becker's nurse, and acts as his conscience from time to time telling him if he is doing anything wrong. Linda is the assisstant who most of the time has no clue what she is doing, sometimes with funny consequences.
    Jake is one of Beckers oldest friends, he is a blind, African American man who owns a newspaper stand in a local diner.
    The diner was owned for a while by Reggie, who was a woman down on her luck who was running her late fathers diner. Reggie was a good balance to beckers cynicism. Later on Reggie left and Chris took over the diner.

    Becker may be a doctor with a bad bedside manner but he would do everything he could for his patients, sometime going as far as insulting them to make a point.

    This show is really funny and the funniest thing about it is Ted Dansons portrayal of Dr. Becker.
  • Razor sharp comedy starring Ted Danson might not appeal to everyone, given its focus on a cantankerous and highly grumpy doctor, but the script is incredibly strong.

    Becker is a traditional style sitcom, much in the blend of the popular ones which went before it like Frasier and Cheers. Like Frasier, it stars a major actor from Cheers, in this case Ted Danson, but otherwise shares absolutely nothing with it and certainly isn\'t a follow-up. The only other thing the 2 share is that the star of Frasier, Kelsey Grammar, also features in a cameo in an episode of it.

    The situation part of the \'sitcom\' of Becker is that John Becker, a slightly bitter and abrasively outspoken doctor has set up a crummy practice in the middle of New York\'s Bronx. Suffering the \'morons\' of regular society makes his attitude decline by the day and he constantly preaches his rants at Reggie\'s Diner where both his best friend Jake (Who\'s blind) runs a newspaper stall, and Bob the amiable pest hang out.

    Becker also lives alone in a fairly seedy apartment where the rest of the block\'s residents universally loathe him.

    Add his long suffering surgery assistant Margaret who\'s basically his rock, and the dipsy \'receptionist\' Linda and you have the overall picture.

    Sure, this doesn\'t perhaps sound all that original or even inspiring to any degree on paper, but bring it to life with a sharp script and quality actors and you have one of the finest comedies it\'s been my personal pleasure to witness.

    To say Danson *is* Becker is the understatement of the year. He has created a character with complete life here, and embodies what he represents absolutely perfectly. His line delivery is totally spot on and he commands every scene such is his definite presence. Now when looking at him I see Becker, and not Sam Malone.

    The other characters are pretty good as well, even Bob, who after simply getting on our nerves to start with eventually grows on you. Jake is extremely well played by Alex Desert as well, managing to portray a fairly decent level of vulnerability while trying to be as tough as possible. The only matter of taste with a blind character in a sitcom are the inevitable jokes at the expense of said blindness. Subsequently, it goes without saying that Becker is *not* PC - at times some of the gags can be slightly offensive, but nothing is ever truly over the score.

    However, next to Becker the best character was the simply fantastic Reggie, who was played by Terry Farrel up until she was bizarrely fired based on reasons of \'creative direction\' late on in the show\'s run by the producers. She gave the show a touch of glamour, but we identified with her because she never seemed to have anything go for her, and yet soldiered on in a state of light despair. Farrel captured her brilliantly, and her loss was felt big time. The replacement, Chris, was OK, but simply nowhere near in the league of Reggie.

    However, this is an aside; the strength of Becker is and was the quality of the script. The dialogue was, at times, acidly delicious with razor sharp wit. In fact, most of the time it was like this. Becker\'s constant rantings might be repetitive, but they were always funny because we can actually relate to the aspects of life which got his goat up so much.

    Furthermore, while he was shown as a cantankerous old git, Danson gave him plenty of self-deprecating moments too. Not only did we laugh at what he said, we laughed at his situations and the amusing body language he emitted regularly.

    His practice was also a massive character in itself, with patients combining hypochondria and hemorrhoids much to the amusement of the viewer.

    The other characters got plenty of hilarious lines as well, so this wasn\'t just the Ted Danson show, and consequently it was an extremely well-rounded show and not relying on any one character. But, as Farrel\'s absence later on showed, all of the main characters were vital. Bob was also written out for season 6, and his replacement Hector simply didn\'t fit in at all.

    Despite these drawbacks, up till the chopping and changing, the show ran seamlessly and hilariously smoothly. It\'s a testament to the script that even *without* the main characters, although we didn\'t like their replacements, they still made us laugh.

    Overall it\'s a superb comedy, and it\'s a rank pity it wasn\'t more levied by the Americans, many of whom seemed oblivious to its existence.

    Said one: \"Becker? The German tennis guy? I didn\'t even know that he had his own show,\" \"Is it on BBC America or something?\"...

  • Anyone who knows a doctor outside of work knows they can be a bit grumpy to say the least. This show captures that not-so-happy nature and is able to make it seem funny.

    Anyone who knows a doctor outside of work knows they can be a bit grumpy to say the least. This show captures that not-so-happy nature and is able to make it seem funny. Fair warning though, this humor may not fit everyone as it can be a bit dry. With a variety of snide remarks quick one liners, this show is able to instill humor in a place I would not have thought of by myself. The cast, led by Ted Danson blends well together and has a very solid level of acting ability. while many of the topics and gripes may be repeated they do not tend to give off a sense of "dang, this again". Each and every episode continues to provide solid viewing experiences throughout the series.

    My final review: A good show with a good cast that noone really knows about or gave a chance.
  • Once a great show that degressed in late seasons.

    Becker started out so promising, with well-written, entertaining episodes that really showed the contrast between Becker's curmudgeonly ways and his abilities as a healer. Somewhere down the line, they decided to make Becker an idiot, the angry brother of Sam Malone. It's depressing to think about. Becker was once a very smart character who could be a jerk because he could back himself up and became a character who was just a jerk. Where did they go wrong.

    The leaving of a series regular is usually a portent of bad things, so when Reggie and Bob left at the end of the series, it truly became the end of the series. Even the show's final episode could not reach beyond its slide. The point of the show was to show that not only was John a good doctor, but deep down, he was a good person. The producers and writers forgot that. It's sad, in a way, to see the show go down like that. But I guess that's life. Well, enjoy the older episodes, and avoid the new ones with a passion.
  • Flawless sitcom. A complete joy to watch.

    Watching this show was the highlight of my day everyday. All I can say now is that this show MUST come out on DVD. It would be an insult to the writers, workers, and viewers of "Becker" to not have this show selling on the market. Everything about this show was perfect: The cast, the scripts, and the stories. It never failed to make you laugh and feel good. This was TV at its best.
  • One of the best commedies CBS has ever had. Dr. Becker was the Dr. House of his time. The show had great writing and hilarious characters. As soon as it got popular, CBS moved it from it's strong Monday night slot to Wednesday night and left it to die.

    One of the best commedies CBS has ever had. Dr. Becker was the Dr. House of his time. The show had great writing and hilarious characters. As soon as it got popular, CBS moved it from it's strong Monday night slot to Wednesday night and left it to die. It's not too late to bring it back CBS!
  • Becker is my new best friend. If you like blunt comedy and love seeing other people be angry at the world you will love Becker. The man is always mad about something and the way he talks about everything and everbody makes it the most hilarious comedy on

    Becker is my new best friend. If you like blunt comedy and love seeing other people be angry at the world you will love Becker. The man is always mad about something and the way he talks about everything and everbody makes it the most hilarious comedy on television. The cast is great and each episode is entertaining and keeps the viewer on the ground laughing. I don't know if they are making dvds for it but I'm waiting for them. It's used to be on CBS and is now having reruns on TBS. Becker is the most underrated ingenious comedy to ever be on television.
  • Becker is about a doctor who is always stressed in some way. He smokes a lot, drinks a lot of coffee, and seems to be angry all the time-a doctor should know better. He always finds ways to criticize his friends too. What a doctor!

    I used to stay up late playing video games and as I changed the channel, I used to notice Becker was on. I was always kind of curious to see what the show was about, but I always used to pick video games over Becker. One night, I finally decided to watch the show, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. It had something that not too many comedy shows have: comedy. Most shows now that are classified as comedy end up disappointing me. Becker proved my theory correct: that most good shows came from the 90s and that after the new millenium, pretty much every new sitcom that has come along is a severe disappointment. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, when watching a new sitcom, I end up changing the channel or turning off the TV. Becker is an amazing show that brings something for everybody. Whether you\'re into intelligent humor or your everyday easy-to-decipher comedy, Becker proves to be an amzing show. It is probably the best show I\'ve seen since the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Becker really exceeded my expectations.
  • Becker was a wonderful show.

    This show was funny. To watch becker go off on things that bothered him was a great thing to see. This show should not have been canceled. It needed to stay where it was on Monday nights. It got shuffled around and lost its audience. I miss this show and would love to see it come back or at least come to dvd. It just had a great cast of people that made it funny and fun to watch. Ted Danson made this show. He is great at sitcoms and should keep doing them. I liked him better as Becker than Sam on Cheers.
  • Becker was a fantastic show

    Becker was and still is one of my favorite shows. They should def. bring this one back onto a better network like Fox where it will get a lot more views since this was such a funny show. Becker was a very funny character with how he was always complaining about something like someone taking his parking place. Another great character was Linda who knew pretty much nothing of her job and was always messing up. This has to have been one of the greatest shows ever and should def. be brought back.
  • This show is so far ahead of other comedy's it isnt funny

    Every character had a personal likeable effect on me and the writing was awesome, this show has so much potential, it should be brought back.
    Bob is too funny at times and as ditzy as Linda is, the potential to extract more good comedy out of her and the rest of the cast is huge.
    Hector fit in perfect, as did anyone really.
    Jacqueline Smith's roles were all great too.
    Id love to write for this show.
    Imagine throwing a character like Luigi from The Gotti show on A & E into the mix ?
    Great GREAT GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Becker is an awesome show. It\'s so funny! I can\'t believe I didn\'t start watching it until over a year ago. It\'d be great if they could bring it back. Some of the shows that are out now just aren\'t as good as this one. Can you get all the episodes on DVD?
  • Becker is one of the greatest comedies of all time. The writing is classic, the cast is perfect and Dr. Becker's personality is one of the funniest things to see on tv. "Becker" is about a doctor who hates life and always has a smart comment to make to an

    Becker is one of the greatest comedies of all time. The writing is classic, the cast is perfect and Dr. Becker's personality is one of the funniest things to see on tv. "Becker" is about a doctor who hates life and always has a smart comment to make to anyone. It doesn't matter who it is, Becker will say what's on his mind no matter how harsh it is. The show is pure greatness.
  • Off the wall and funny

    They got the perfect cast. It is one of my favorite shows. Ted Danson is perfect for the roll he is funny and crazy. I don't know why it went off the air it never got boring. This is one of many shows I would like to see back on tv.
  • Becker is my current obsession in TV shows. I love him.

    I love this show. I have it set up to record all the episodes. It's the only show that I watch every episode of and can\'t miss. The earlier seasons with Reggie are the best. She was awesome. Chris is cool though. It took a while, but she grew on me.
  • Becker is a great sitcom about a doctor living in New York. He has a very unlikable personality and he speaked his mind about everything. He always complains about the world and the cops. Great show. It should be brought back!!!

    This is a show about a Doctor that graduated from Harvard University and is opened his own office in New York and is trying to live. He is a very outspoken person and will blabber his mouth on about any ol' thing. And he has many friends that can't stand him but still deal with him anyway. He has his friend Reggie (later replaced by Chris) who owns a diner down the street, his best friend, Jake, who works the news stand in the diner, his super, Bob, who is easy to make fun of, his nurse, Marget, who is also outspoken, and his very odd worker, Linda, who has a new boyfriend about everyweek and always has blond moments. This is a great show and should not have been cancelled!!!!!
  • Best show I've ever seen!

    They NEED to bring it back. They also need to put the episodes on DVD. I'd totally buy it the day it came out! I look forward to watching it every day. The show never fails to make me laugh and brighten up my day. John Becker is the man! Always telling it like it is.
  • This show is wonderful. Anybody who is a cynic on the inside would love this, but you have to be able to laugh at quasi-mean things.

    You can think of this show like a precursor to House, since neither doctors have a great bedside manner. This show, as opposed to the one I previously mentioned, is not about the doctor's office it is about Dr. John Becker and his interactions with his patients, employees, friends, and random people on the street. The show is about an unhappy, unkind doctor whos actions are incongruent with his words. Though he may sound mean and cynical he really is a good person and understands his patients needs and has given into a softer side at times. Overall the cynical nature of the show along with some of the solid storylines makes it a pleasure to watch.
  • Great show!

    This show was great! i mean you rarely find a show where the main character is as mean and hated by friends as becker...but its nice to finally see a character you can relate to. I have actually been influenced by his character... shows great, i wish it would come's definately better than many surviving shows out there!
    im currently searching for the DVDs of this show..any help?
  • I didn't know this show existed till very recently. I got hooked on a couple of episodes and told myself this show was great.

    Ted Danson is awesome as John Becker the always angry doctor for a New York Hospital. The characters include Reggie a coffee shop owner, Jake the blind guy, and the Bob the guy with the irritating voice. Ted Danson's character is so hillarious because he is always angry at the world. Yet at the same time he isn't so angry that he isn't irritating or unlikeable. His character is hysterical and Becker is always so angry at the world. This show was great. It would be great if this show was still going on because's it's very funny. I mean I hate most of the the new sitcoms out there, I didn't most of the sitcoms from in the year's 2000+. I didn't like Friends, I liked Frasier, I didn't like Yes Dear that much, I thought Everybody Loves Raymond depends on idiotic humor and isn't that original. However I did like Becker. Very underrated as a sitcom. If you like Ted Danson in Cheers you should definetly enjoy this sitcom. Very well done. Very underated.
  • Here's a show that should have been a classic, but somehow flew under the "Classic TV Radar"

    A show that never truly got it's dues.

    Ted Danson in a non Sam Malone role is wonderful! He really made this show what it was. Too bad that it never got the big exposure like some of the other CBS sitcoms got. This was one show that went off the air too soon. I would have enjoyed to see this show run for at least 8 years or so.

    At least, now I can get a daily dosage of Becker on reruns. This is one of the shows that should stay on the air in reruns forever!
  • Becker was fantastic!

    The show Becker is so funny, I love Lindas stupidity, Margrats smartism and sarcasim, Beckers attitude, Jakes loseness and humor, Bobs stupidity and street smarts. I love all the characters!

    This show is paced on a doctor, Becker, who hates people and life, along with his so called friends he comes to hilariousidy!

    This show is great, I'm sad that it ended but I can always watch reruns!
  • Great sitcom, unfortunately the final season was dreadful

    Becker was a great show when in it's prime, however the final series of the show was appalling.

    The impact of the departure of the characters Reggie and Bob was so severe on the show that it never looked like recovering once they had left.

    The addition of Nancy Travis as the character of Chris did have some good moments in the series but once Reggie left and she became the new female lead character, it just wasn't the same.

    The character of Hector who joined the show in its final series was dreadful and no replacement for the quick wit of Bob

    Overall a great show, but when watching the re-runs avoid the final season at all costs
  • Becker was one of the best shows on primetime tv, and unfortunately was cancelled. The first recurring cast members were perfect, and I think after the second or third casting change, the show took a dive.

    The show is based on the day-to-day life of a doctor with a private practice in New York. While most of us do not share the same job, many of us share the same kind of hurtles that Becker faced. Many could relate to dealing with nagging clients (patients for Becker), or a dim-witted secretary (Linda), or just simply struggling to fight our addiction to a particular vice (cigarettes for John). This is what made the show so great. Between Becker's sarcasm, Margret's snappy comebacks, or just Bob's annoying personality, we find a comedy that all of us can relate to. I wish the original cast would get together and bring the show back on the air, but for now, we will just have to watch the re-runs! The least someone could do is come out with the show on DVD!!!!
  • More...

    Becker was one of the shows that aired more recently that is actually worth watching. I watched it all the time. I hope it comes back soon.

    The Secretaries and nurses always got on each others nerves. And it starts off with Dr. Becker complaining about something. He is probably one of the most well-known doctors on TV. Then there's the people at the restaurant. They were okay, but Bob was very annoying.

    There was one episode where they go on a diet and it didn't work so he got mad and said "What do you want to look like anyways? Do you want to look like this?!" He was talking about a skeleton.

    Sometimes the show seems sad, but a show like this needs to air more.
  • One of my favorite shows.

    The show was absolutely hilarious. I like the way that most of the time Becker is cruel yet hilarious, yet when he needs to be he can be some what compationate. Though it doesn't last long! I especially love the way that they'll have the other characters just sittin at the diner and talking about something and Becker will come through the door yelling or complaining about something.

    Becker is my personal favorite show..i watch all the reruns that have been air on tv lately..but what I don't understand is if they put Cheers out on DVD why can't they put Becker? I work as a sales person at a Media store and I have lost count on how many people have been asking for this program. I know one thing for will sell out so fast..Many people love that show including myself..I beleive they should BRING IT BACK!!!!
  • another great show taken off why why ?????

    Becker was a really funny show.why do they take all the good ones off. the dry humor was great loved it. Enjoy watching the reruns on t.b.s.waitinbg for it to come out on dvd so i can watch it anytime i like. i would just laugh and laugh. though the whole show. it was one of the best comedys on.
  • One of the best shows in years.

    Should still be on TV. Ted Danson is one of the best actors working today. The girl who played Reggie was a fox. Linda was hot also. Bob grew on me as the shows went along. the fat guy at the end was terrible.Chris has been bashed but she was hot too.
  • This show needs a couple of glances.

    When I first got into watching Becker, I despised the show. I could never understand how a comedy could be made about a doctor who hates everybody and everything about his life. However, I got back into it recently with it being in late-night syndication and on TBS, and I realized that my original opinions on it were misleading. The show has turned me into a fan- it's funny, smart, and one of the better shows of recent years. It's a shame that CBS didn't have enough faith in it to keep it in its Monday night, post-Raymond timeslot for its entire run (you tell me who watches comedies on Sunday night that aren't on Fox), but nonetheless. 5 seasons was too short. This could have at least gone on for 2 more years.
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