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  • An Original show & pretty funny too.

    From 1998 to 2004, Ted Danson played the misanthropic, in-your-face lovable cynic Dr. John Becker. Working in his clinic in New York City are the ditsy, youthful Linda and the sassy, smart and strong Margaret. The show was never as popular as The King of Queens, which it was always competing against. But Becker was a well-written show, where the strength was mostly in the characters. Becker was angry, cynical and hated sunshine, puppies, Valentines and many things, but he had a dignity of his own, and often we were angry WITH him because so many of the issues that made him made were understandably upsetting. Divorced twice, unlucky in love, and surrounded by a rather annoying group of friends- mainly at Regg's dinner, Jake and Bob, he was someone we just loved to see explode. The comedy is smart and well-written and very definitive of the 90's.