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  • Becker is the kinda guy i want to be he tells it like it is.

    Becker is a crotchtey old guy living in the bronx. he goes to his favorite diner every morning and rants about the news and such. He's also a doctor who has a small practice with his long time nurse Margret and the ditzy, But HOT assistant Linda he's just trying to live his life and tell it like it is. I like Becker He is the kinda guy i wanna be a guy who tells it like it like the corrupt post office or the goverment. He's funny as hell too, but inside his hard outshell he has a heart of gold. The comedy on this show is real and not fake everything becker says is funny weaether it's the IRA or just some old lady beating him up he"s Becker and thats why this show is funny.