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  • Ah.. where to begin about the hilarious sitcom known as becker which takes place in the bronx while he runs a medical practice and tries to maintain his cool while dealing with the craziness around him *Cheers to My First Review On The New*

    So Becker was a sitcom i started to watch either in late 2004 or early 2005 somewhere in that time period i didn't think much of it initially but after watching it a few times i realized exactly what made this sitcom so funny and this is Becker's crackiness and tirades ranting on From anything about corruput politics or something as simple as the food at Reggie's diner a direct quote from becker that should be an all time top 10 funniest line was "Card Carrying Loonatics" eventually i got so hooked on Becker that in 2008 i happily bought the entire series online in DVD-R format i reccomend it entirely it's got everything from the Oh so Funny Bob, To The Lovely Linda, To The Boyfriend desperate Reggie, and her later Replacement Chris each character added something unique but for me it hit an all time low when Reggie and Bob left