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  • Becker was a great show that unfortunately not many people seem to understand. At a passing glance, the show seemed like a pretty lame idea, but if you really pay attention. The show is wonderfully written and the cast really plays well off of each other.

    To fully understand this show, I think you have to be a little more open minded. The idea of this show and how it revolves around a complaining doctor doesn't seem like much of a show, but I urge anyone who dismissed it to give it another chance. It has some really great writing and also deals with some moral issues as well. Deep down, Becker is a good person who cares about people, especially the ones that are closest to him.

    If you like Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Wings, Fraiser, etc., then I think you would like this show too.

    This is a great sitcom that deserves to be watched. One of my all-time favorites.