Season 2 Episode 12

Santa On Ice

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 1999 on CBS

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  • The softer side of Becker

    I really liked this episode. Becker finally showed some emotion! And we see that sometimes the fact that he pushes everyone else away DOES get to him. The part with Jake and the lights was funny, but sad. He has such a good heart! The scene with Reggie trying to get her tree home was hilarious! At the end, when Reggie brought Becker the tree, they shared such a touching moment. When will they ever get together?! They have so much chemistry. The whole plot line with the Santa was very depressing. Just like the show to make the Christmas episode about death. What do they call that....ironic? :)
  • Santa comes in to see John at the office, and dies in the lobby.

    John comes into the diner complaining about people in his neighborhood. Reggie and Jake are busy decorating the diner, when Reggie asks John if he and Liz are coming to her Christmas Party. Liz can't, and John doesn't want to go. Bob comes in just to hear about Reggie's party. He, of course, wants to go, but Reggie doesn't want him there. Reggie leaves to pick up a tree; it was a tradition that she used to do with her father.

    At the office, Margaret says that the office is closing early so they can go to Reggie's party. Linda asks John if he wants to be involved in the Secret Santa thing they do at the office, but he says no, only leaving she and Margaret.

    We then see Reggie trying to get her Christmas Tree home, but she doesn't get anywhere in the city. How do you get a Christmas tree onto the subway?

    Back at the diner, John walks in to see Mr. Williams eating Bob's food, since Bob is behind the counter making some food. Jake is trying to get his Christmas lights to come on, but he can't seem to figure it out. Reggie then comes into the diner, with little more than a tall stick. She's rather upset about the whole thing.

    Back at the office, John goes in to see a patient who got slugged by the Baby Jesus. In the lobby, a Santa comes in complaining about not feeling so well. He asks Margaret if she can get him in today. When it's time for Harvey (the Santa) to see John, they realize that he's dead.

    Still at the office, John, Linda, and Margaret are talking about Harvey's passing. It's all very depressing for them, as John knew Harvey. Margaret gets a call from the coroner, and there was a problem with the paperwork and need someone to come down and identify Harvey. John has to go since Margaret and Linda have other plans.

    Down at the coroner, John comes in to identify Harvey. The coroner is a pretty odd man, keeping shrimp and beer in the same space the dead bodies stay.

    At the diner, Reggie is having her party, where they even let Bob in. Linda and Margaret decide to exchange gifts. Margaret gave Linda an alarm clock, and Linda got Margaret a schall. As Bob goes to leave, Reggie compliments him on the food he made for the party. Just as everyone leaves, John comes in, but leaves when Reggie says she has close up.

    At home, John orders Chinese, and Reggie drops by with her crappy tree, although John likes the gesture. After she leaves, he plugs in the tree, and it starts to snow outside, which cheers John up. However, his joy is quickly diminished when the tree suddenly catches fire and he's forced to try to put it out.

    The ending of this was hilarious. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The scene with John with the coroner was great.