Season 1 Episode 18

Saving Harvey Cohen

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 1999 on CBS

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  • John takes care of a stray cat when Linda notices it's sick.

    John walks into the office, late of course. Linda is busy diagnosing people, incorrectly, obviously. John finds a cat in his office. The latch on the window is broken, and it turns out the handyman has died, so he can't fix it for him.

    At the diner, John is eating soup, when Jake joins him. Jake apparently had an erotic dream about Reggie, and he tells John all about it. Reggie comes over and hears the whole thing. Since Jake is blind, he of course doesn't know about it. The same thing happens when Bob walks in.

    At the office, Linda is handing out chocolate cupcakes to the patients, when John notices and yells at her. John goes in to see a patient who complains about all of the tests John is ordering for him. After yelling at him, he leaves the patient alone in the room, and finds the cat still in his office. He asks Linda and Margaret to take the cat to the vet after Linda notices the cat seems a little hot. Since they're busy, John has to take the cat to the vet.

    At the waiting room in the vet's office, John yells at a woman who was annoying the heck out of him.

    After hearing from the vet about his need to run a lot of tests, John complains, just like John's own patient did earlier.

    At the office, John tells Margaret about him taking the vet, and John is still busy looking through vacation brochures, but he's not able to find a good one. Linda suggests New York, which makes John laugh since he lives in New York. She explains he should check in to a fancy hotel and go to Broadway and see the sights, like a tourist would.

    At the diner, John comes in and says that the surgery was a success and will end up costing him $1500. Bob comes in as John is leaving to talk to Reggie. He still can't believe she would sleep with Jake and not him. Reggie and Jake decide not to tell him the truth, and Reggie says he was the best lover she ever had.

    At the office, Linda says the cat isn't anywhere to be found. After Margaret and Linda leave, John goes in and opens the window and keeps it propped open with a book, so the cat can come in.

    This wasn't one of the funnier episodes, but in the end, we got to see a more human side of John, which was nice for a change. The primary source of humor in this episode came from Jake's erotic dream regarding Reggie. The two of them had a little fun with Bob.
  • Becker is guilted into taking care of an ill grey cat that came from a window into the practice and ends up paying 1, 500 dollars to have some surgery only to have the kitty escape later.

    Becker goes into his office, only to find a cat cozying on his desk. Of course he asks Margaret what the cat is doing there, and Margaret snidely says, "Your office, your stuff," which was what Becker said earlier (only more like "My office, my stuff.") The cat, which I might add is an adorable grey one, shows no signs of leaving. Becker in a flat voice says to the cat, "Here. A mouse." (He's holding a computer mouse in the air.)

    Linda comes into the office later and shows her delight that there's a 'kitty' and tells the story of how it's just like her old kitty when she was a child and how cute he was until he slept in the dryer and was never quite right again. And then she takes the kitty and tells Dr. Becker how hot the kitty feels. Becker is heavily reliant on his staff and tries to get either Linda or Margaret to take it to the vet, better them than him. But of course they have plans and Becker takes the cat grudgingly to the vet. A woman sitting next to him the in the waiting room in the vet's practice gushes at the kitty, and it should generate laughs when Becker says rudely to the gushing woman "Leave us alone." It's not so much what he said as his mingled expression of disgust, and well, disgust and the way he said it. The vet asks him what the cat's name is, and he says, "No name." The vet responded sarcastically, "You must love him very much." Then on the spot Becker names the cat Dr. Harvey Cohen after the vet. The cat requires a lot of tests and Becker accuses him of ripping him off. This too happened earlier when a patient accused Dr. Becker of ripping him off with tests, so of course it's funny.

    When he goes into the diner he's pissed off about having to pay $ for a cat that isn't even his own, and he tells his friends at the diner Reggie and Jake about it. He refers to the cat as Harvey Cohen, and thinking it's a human, they are shocked when he says "I don't care. He's fourteen or fifteen, that's long enough." (Something along the lines of that.) Then he has to tell them it's a cat. He ends up paying 1, 500 bucks and there's no cat anymore in the office. In the end of the episode he opens the window where the cat originally came from if it will come back. It didn't though which was unfortunate because it really was adorable.