Season 1 Episode 11

Scriptus Interruptus

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 1999 on CBS

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  • The sarcasm from John's new super was great!

    When John stops by the diner, the door is locked, so he has to yell at Reggie to have her to open it. He's early because he has to work on an article for a medical journal for a friend of his. Jake comes in with an attractive woman, but after she leaves, Jake reveals to Reggie and John that he's tired of having her around. She's slowly starting to move all of her things in to his apartment.

    John walks in to his office and sits down in his chair. All of a sudden, there's a scream. Linda was sleeping in John's chair, and he didn't see her because the lights were still off. She's without an apartment for three more days, and asks if she can sleep there for a few more nights, which John allows her to do.

    John is at the diner, trying to write the piece for the medical journal, but Reggie is bothering him. At one of the other tables in the diner, Jake is with his girlfriend, who says she wants to move in. However, she is allergic to his cat, and the pills aren't helping. Jake tells her that his cat is too important to get rid of him. This is a big lie because the cat is new and doesn't have a name, but he doesn't want her to move in with him. John is still trying to get the paper done, but Reggie and Jake continue to ask him for help/advice, he can't get five minutes to write his paper.

    Home now, John is working on the paper, but his new super comes in to fix the light in the bathroom. This is yet another interruption for him.

    John drops by his office to work on his paper, when Linda walks in and screams, scaring the both of them. She ends up interrupting him a few times, which bugs the heck out of him.

    A few hours later, Margaret receives a call about the article, so she tells him that it'll be done later that day. John can't work on his paper because Reggie sent over two friends who have had problems conceiving. John goes in to see them and the husband suggests that his wife get breast implants, so that his "guys have something to shoot for". John says they'll run a few tests and take it from there. On the way out, the husband offers John a bribe if he convinces his wife to get breast implants.

    Back home, John receives a knock from the door; it's Linda. She's creeped out by being at the doctor's office all day and wants to know if she can stay at her place for the night. He says no, and closes and locks the door. His super comes out of the bathroom. Instead of using his own shower, he used John's since it works.

    Back at the diner, John tells Reggie that his girlfriend is coming here to talk about moving in together. John comes in and tells Reggie that he's not going to write the article after all. After Jake's girlfriend stops by, he asks her to move in, but because of the way he seems to think of his cat, she says no. John's patients with the problems conceiving stop by and ask for the results. John, after watching them argue, tells them that they shouldn't have kids, they should see a marriage counselor instead. After noticing that this sort of thing can be put into a paper, John starts writing it down on little pieces of note paper (post-it note size).

    At the office, he hands them to Margaret and asks her to type them out for her. She claims it looks like garbage, but agrees to do it, after John says that the pieces of paper are numbered. Margaret leaves to run an errant, and Linda asks John if she can get $800 so she can get a security deposit on an apartment. Realizing the alternative, John agrees to help her out. To show her appreciation, she starts throwing away trash lying around the office, which includes the papers Margaret was supposed to type up for John.

    I liked the writing in this episode, the exchanges between John and his new Russian super were hilarious. The sarcasm was perfect.
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