Becker - Season 2

CBS (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Stumble in the Bronx
    While going to rescue the just-robbed Jake, Becker finds himself caught in the crossfire between two motorists who are arguing over a parking space. A struggle between the two ensues and one of them pulls out a gun. But it's Becker who takes a bullet to the shoulder. Despite his weakened state, he still manages to annoy everyone at the hospital and refuses to take the advice of his agitated doctor.moreless
  • Cyrano De-Beckerac
    Cyrano De-Beckerac
    Episode 3
    When Dr. John Becker finds out that one of his patients is dating Reggie, he decides to give the guy some free advice on how to "court her properly." Meantime, Linda becomes a volunteer for Big Sisters and gets stuck being a mentor to a greedy brat who takes advantage of her at every turn.moreless
  • Hate Thy Neighbor
    Hate Thy Neighbor
    Episode 9
    Confined to his apartment during the recuperation period, Becker is subjected to the intruding lifestyles of those who live in his building, which has him seeing red. His mood brightens -- temporarily -- when his doctor from the hospital, Elizabeth Carson, makes a house call. Meanwhile, "good help is hard to find" takes on a new meaning when Margaret and Linda try to find a doctor to fill in for Becker.moreless
  • Santa On Ice
    Santa On Ice
    Episode 12
    Becker is his usual bitter self as Christmas rolls around, until a department store Santa drops dead in his waiting room. Meanwhile, Reggie prepares for her Christmas party.
  • Shovel Off to Buffalo
    Before leaving for a medical conference in Chicago, at which he is scheduled to speak, Becker discovers that he has an extra airline ticket, which Reggie ends up using. Once aboard the plane, Reggie is immediately annoyed by the flight attendant and fellow passengers while Becker is uncharacteristically taking it all in stride. When Reggie discovers that Becker is high on Valium, she's alone in her misery until bad weather causes a delay and finds them stuck for hours on a tarmac in Buffalo. As the Valium wears off, Becker's temper and tongue-lashings return and the situation becomes a pressure-cooker about to explode.moreless
  • Crosstalk
    Episode 22
    John gets into an argument with a priest over whose hands a patient is really in -- God's or the doctor's; Reggie, Jake and Bob take a gamble on the stock market.
  • Blind Curve
    Blind Curve
    Episode 11
    Jake's old friend, who was responsible for the car accident in which Jake lost his sight, pays him a surprise visit. Meanwhile, Margaret tries to get out of an annual road trip with some nursing school friends; and Becker experiences screen envy when Jake wins a huge television at his grandmother's church raffle.moreless
  • For Whom the Toll Calls
    When a long-distance call to Chico, California shows up on Becker's phone bill, he decides to dispute the charge. He even disputes the existence of the town, claiming that it's just a code word that the phone company uses for bogus charges. Margaret warns Becker not to fight the phone company, after all, "they're like God with computers," but Becker persists. Meanwhile, Reggie is upset when she isn't invited to a friend's wedding, and Bob listens to motivational tapes in order to land a job.moreless
  • One Angry Man
    One Angry Man
    Episode 20
    John fumes when he can't get out of jury duty and then can't get picked to actually serve on a jury; Jake gets a dog.
  • Imm-Oral Fixations
    Imm-Oral Fixations
    Episode 2
    Becker is grumpier than usual after he decides to quit smoking, but he gets a lift from Reggie's friend (Marjorie Monaghan), an ex-smoker who tells him the only substitute that worked for her was sex.
  • Old Yeller
    Old Yeller
    Episode 16
    On the heels of being slapped with a traffic citation for reckless driving, a broken tail light and missing rear view mirror, Becker takes Margaret's advice when she suggests that he turn his jalopy into a potted plant. Although he doesn't get rid of his car, he does buy a motorcycle from one of his patients, causing everyone around him to agree that the doctor is suffering a mid-life crisis.moreless
  • All The Rage
    All The Rage
    Episode 15
    A judge sentences John to attend an anger-management class after he insults two police officers. It's taught by Richard, an irritating calm instructor -- and needless to say, Becker is hardly on his way to graduating with honors.Meanwhile, after Bob's mother kicks him out of her retirement home, Linda invites him to move in with her -- much to everyone else's dismay.moreless
  • The Hypocratic Oath
    The Hypocratic Oath
    Episode 13
    John's waiting room turns into a maze of boxes when Linda orders too many supplies; Reggie becomes attracted to a much younger student and Margaret learns that a former patient died and has included her in her will.
  • The Rumor
    The Rumor
    Episode 14
    A rumor starts that John is dying when he suddenly begins eating healthy food and tries to control his temper.
  • The Bearer of Bad Tidings
    After John agrees to take on a vacationing doctor's patients and one of them dies, he inadvertently leaves a phone message, then desperately tries to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Linda tries to comfort her friend Lynda, who won't leave the office; and Reggie and Jake trade barbs during a slow time in the diner.moreless
  • Pain in the Aspirin
    Pain in the Aspirin
    Episode 10
    As Becker continues to recoup from his gunshot wound, he's caught off guard when Elizabeth claims that she doesn't have any aspirin -- although he found a bottle of them among her things while earlier snooping through her purse. Becker, of course dismissing his own bad behavior, is miffed at her actions and begins to think that she may not have an honest bone in her body. Meanwhile, Bob wins the lottery.moreless
  • Linda Quits
    Linda Quits
    Episode 4
    Linda quits her job after she makes a mistake on a patient's prescription, and Becker hires what seems like an ideal replacement. Meanwhile, Reggie, Jake and Bob wonder why a nicely dressed man keeps pacing back and forth outside the diner.
  • The Roast That Ruined Them
    Annoyed that they never socialize with other people, Becker's girlfriend, Liz, makes him throw a dinner party. Becker invites the gang, but only Reggie and her college date Brad shows up and an ex con who's suing Becker. Becker apologizes to Liz.
  • He Said, She Said
    He Said, She Said
    Episode 7
    Becker starts receiving phone calls from a woman he doesn't know, so he tries to avoid her. The strange woman shows up at the diner to explain that a mutual friend suggested they meet while she is in town. Taking a liking to each other, Becker and his new friend begin to spend a lot of time together, that is, until she confesses a shocking secret that sends Becker reeling.moreless
  • Point of Contact
    Point of Contact
    Episode 1
    Becker performs his doctorly duties at the diner when a woman begins to choke on her food. After regaining her composure, the woman intensely expresses her gratitude to Becker, which takes him more than a little off-guard. As the days go by, Becker's fears are compounded when she begins to drop by the office and his apartment bearing gifts and well-wishes. Soon enough, Becker is outright panicked, and convinced that she's a certifiable lunatic who's become a danger to his well-being.moreless
  • My Boyfriend's Back
    Reggie begins dating Jordan, the most popular guy from her high school, who is building a hospital in the area, but quickly learns his dark side. Meanwhile, John fumes over his former research partner's patent for anti-wrinkle cream, and Linda adopts the bum who hangs out in the office doorway.
  • Panic on the 86th
    Panic on the 86th
    Episode 24
    Reggie's celebration after earning an A in her psychology class turns to panic when she considers her uncertain future; and John entertains one of his neighbors, who turns out to be a hooker.
  • Sight Unseen
    Sight Unseen
    Episode 21
    Jake asks out a friendly young woman only to break up with her after he learns that she's also blind; Margaret tries to discover why a grouchy patient likes everyone but her.
  • Cooked
    Episode 23
    Liz is offered a job in Chicago, which prompts John to tell her how he feels about her. He quickly regrets doing it, fearing he'll lose his freedom.