Season 1 Episode 3

Sex in the Inner City

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1998 on CBS

Episode Recap

At home, John is sleeping and has a sex-dream. He is awaken from the dream and yells at his neighbor who has a lot of noise coming from his apartment.

John walks into the diner to complain about people parking. Reggie is out running and has left Jake in charge of the diner for a little bit. His coffee isn't too good, from what John said. When Reggie gets back, the three of them get into debate on exercise.

At the office, the radiator is overheating and the temperature is really high. To cool off, Linda decides not to wear her lab coat, instead wear a low-cut outfit. John walks in and complains about the heat in the office and wonders when the repairman will be there. Margaret says you would have a better chance of pinning down the time Jesus would walk the earth.

John walks in to see a patient of his, who got injured having sex. After talking with her, he leaves and runs into Linda who asks him for a raise. John walks in to see another patient, who wants a refill of Viagra. John won't give him more because it's for a serious condition, not for what he needs it for.

John then walks into his office and meets with M.J., who is HIV positive. M.J. is curious about babies and sex. John carefully explains it to him.

At the diner, John walks in to hear Reggie yelling 'oh yes' from the back. She and Jake comes out of the back. She explains he was massaging her shoulders. They then start talking about having sex in public, and John doesn't want anything to do with the subject.

After leaving the diner, John walks into the office to meet more patients. John meets two more patients, where John just can't help but think of sex because of the two patients who are sexy, one of which is a lap dancer.

After meeting with the two patients, John walks into his private office and gives Judy a call, but she turns him down. Margaret comes in to see if everything is going okay. She then tells him that there are "two busty twins" who both have chest colds. "It's just one of those days", John exclaims.

At home, John walks in to hear that music from his neighbor again. He yells at him, only to see he's with a woman. John decides to sit down, eat some diner, and watch TV. It seems that no matter what station he watches, there's something sex-related. He decides to go for a run to relieve the sexual tension, and runs into Reggie who laughs at him, after he laughed the idea off at the beginning of the episode.