Season 2 Episode 6

Shovel Off to Buffalo

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1999 on CBS
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Shovel Off to Buffalo
Before leaving for a medical conference in Chicago, at which he is scheduled to speak, Becker discovers that he has an extra airline ticket, which Reggie ends up using. Once aboard the plane, Reggie is immediately annoyed by the flight attendant and fellow passengers while Becker is uncharacteristically taking it all in stride. When Reggie discovers that Becker is high on Valium, she's alone in her misery until bad weather causes a delay and finds them stuck for hours on a tarmac in Buffalo. As the Valium wears off, Becker's temper and tongue-lashings return and the situation becomes a pressure-cooker about to explode.moreless

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  • Becker gets cranky when his flight is delayed in Buffalo ...

    Becker has to deliver a speech at a medical conference in Chicago and the travel agency sent him two tickets thinking that he was still married. Since Jake declined Becker’s invitation to fly with him, Reggie accepts to accompany Becker and takes the opportunity to visit her friend. However, due to bad weather, the plane gets stuck in Buffalo for several hours. The Valium that Becker took has worn off and he becomes his old cranky self. Reggie who is hungry is also irritated by the not so friendly flight attendant. Meanwhile, Jake and Bob are handling the customers in the diner really well.moreless
  • John and Reggie get stuck on a plane.

    John and Jake are in the diner eating when Bob comes in complaining about his wife getting a divorce lawyer, and he's going to lose it all. Linda and Margaret come in to get coffee for the morning. Margaret hands John his airplane tickets. He's going to give a speech in Chicago for a friend. Since he received two tickets, he gave the extra to Reggie so she can see an old friend.

    On the plane, John and Reggie sit down. John asks Reggie not to tell people that he's a doctor. After getting hit by a luggage bag, John is surprisingly calm. He tells Reggie that he took a Valium.

    At the office, Linda is reading magazines instead of helping Margaret with work. Linda suggests that Margaret kick back and relax.

    On the plane, Reggie seems to be getting annoyed at everything.

    Bob walks into the diner to look for Reggie, but she's not there. Bob offers to make something for Jake to eat.

    Back on the plane, John is reading a magazine, the same magazine Linda and Margaret are. When the Valium wears off, John goes nuts when a man bothers him and the plane is re-routed to Buffalo due to weather problems.

    Still on the plane, John complains about the fact that the plane is just sitting on the runway. John proceeds to help out someone who is having a hard time breathing.

    At the hospital, Linda and Margaret are eating pizza and chatting.

    Back on the plane, Reggie complaining about the poor service. John is being bothered by everyone on the plane now.

    At the diner, Bob serves Jake his chicken dish, which Jake surprisingly loves. A man comes in asking for food, so Bob decides to serve up some food.

    There are then several very short scenes of the diner, the office and the plane.

    John calls Margaret and asks her for the number of someone in Dallas, but her fingernails are wet, since they're doing pedicures. John then calls a plastic surgeon in Dallas in hopes of getting the number of the head of the airline. After getting the home number to the head of the airline, John calls the man and threatens to reveal some personal information about him if he doesn't get the plane unloaded. The man agrees to see what he can do.

    We then see the plane unloading, but they're still in Buffalo. Reggie buys a cookie from an old lady, and decides to split it with John when he finds another Valium; half the cookie for half the Valium.

    This episode was pretty funny. The constant flipping between one scene and another was a little annoying towards the end, but overall, it was enjoyable. You could certainly sense the frustration when everyone was stuck on the plane.moreless

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    • Becker: Hey, Jake, wanna be my wife?
      Jake: Not even if it meant gettin' my sight back.
      Becker: I just thought you might like to get out of town for a couple days.
      Jake: Well, thanks, John, but you know I got this thing I... well, you see I'm supposed to... Aw, hell, I just don't wanna go.
      Bob: Bob, would like to go away?
      Becker: Good, go away.
      Reggie: I'll take the ticket, Becker. I've got this old girlfriend in Chicago and I'd love to see her.
      Becker: Okay.
      Reggie: That's it, no argument?
      Becker: Nope.
      Reggie: Why?
      Becker: Well, 'cause somewhere in this city some moron is packing his bag preparing to sit in the seat next to me and tell me his pathetic life story. I already know yours.

    • Becker: (high on Valium) Oh, look, look at that cloud. It looks like a duck.

    • Jake: Bob, give it up, Reggie can't stand you.
      Bob: No, see, that was the old Bob, the cocky Bob. This is the new Bob, the humble Bob.
      Jake: You know what I think she'd really love? The dead Bob.

    • Reggie: What is this, a brownie, or do we use it to break a window in case of an emergency?

    • Reggie: Valium wear off?
      Becker: Get your elbow off my side.

    • Lorna the Stewardess: The captain say it'll be about another fifteen minutes.
      Becker: Don't give me the fifteen minutes routine. I'm a doctor, I invented fifteen minutes.

    • Reggie: (to the flight attendant) Hey, get your claws off my husband and get me my damn nuts!
      Becker: I want a divorce.

    • Bob: Bob's a great cook. Bob's wife said that's the only reason she kept him around. On the plus side, when she was eating she couldn't talk.

    • Becker: I love airline magazines. Everything you ever wanted to know about everything you never wanted to know about.

    • Becker: Hey, Tom, it's John Becker, don't hang up.
      Reggie: Oh, you just have friends everywhere, don't you.

    • Becker: (on the phone) I take back what I said about plastic surgeons not being real doctors. (ends the call) Even though they're not.

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