Season 6 Episode 7

Sister Spoils the Turkey

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2003 on CBS

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  • The guys throw a Thanksgiving dinner at John's apartment.

    At his apartment, John notices Chris has brought over fresh coffee and food, so he thinks she wants something, and it seems she does. Chris tells him she has a turkey which she got for free and she wants to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for him, and since it requires nothing of him, so he doesn't dismiss the idea immediately, giving it a thought.

    John walks into the diner and sees Chris is decorating for Thanksgiving. At the counter, Chris asks Jake about his plans for the holidays, and he ends up getting invited to dinner. John yells at Chris for inviting Jake, since she originally told him it would just be the two of them. Hector comes in and tells everyone his plans, which are to go see a sister of his. When Hector leaves, Chris tells John that her sister is coming to the Thanksgiving dinner as well. Grace, Chris' sister walks in and introduces herself to everyone. John asks Chris to walks with him to the office so they can talk.

    John and Chris walk into the diner and they're arguing about how she invited Grace. Chris ends up inviting Margaret and Linda, further upsetting John.

    John walks into one of his offices to see a patient who may have broken a toe when a tank of air fell and hit him in the foot.

    Jake and Grace walk into the diner and it seems Jake has been showing her how to be blind. Chris is a little worried that Jake might be hurt since Grace has a weird history with guys. John, Linda, and Margaret want to learn more so they pressure Chris into spilling the beans. Chris admits she hasn't seen her sister in a while since Grace was in prison for a while for attempted murder.

    A few minutes later, Chris explains how Grace tried to stab his ex-boyfriend. Margaret and Linda start to leave, but Chris convinces them to stay and to still go to the turkey dinner.

    John comes home with beer, as he's nervous about Grace. Chris tells him everyone's on their way. John makes a few jokes about Grace, so Chris asks him to knock it off. Margaret comes in and asks him about drying a pair of Lewis' pants, so he tells her where she can find a dryer. John opens the door and finds Grace and Jake making out.

    A while later, everyone's there at the table, and when Grace is asked to carve some of the turkey, everyone gets jumpy. Finally Grace confronts Chris about telling everyone about her past. Grace gets up to leave. She goes on to say that she's planning on moving in with Jake. Chris criticizes Grace very harshly, and it makes Grace angry. John asks everyone to pass the knives down, so they can keep them away from Grace. Jake leaves after finding out Grace's history of spending time in prison for attempted murder. Grace finally leaves.

    At the end of the evening, everyone leaves. When John and Chris sit down, Grace comes back over and they try to make up. Grace admits Chris was right when she criticized her earlier. When Grace leaves, John and Chris plan on going to IHOP next year.

    This wasn't my favorite episode, not by a long shot. This wasn't the first episode to feature a dinner gone bad, but there were some memorable moments, such as John asking people to pass down the knives and forks, away from Grace.