Season 3 Episode 22

Small Wonder

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2001 on CBS

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  • John deals with a patient who can't keep his weight in check.

    Out on the streets, John and Margaret are walking, and run into a homeless man, who comes up and John tells him off and to go get a job. It seems the man is looking for a place to take a shower and get cleaned up for a job interview.

    At the office, Linda comes in late as usual, and with blonde hair. A new water deliveryman comes in with a new delivery of water, and John freaks out. He's got a problem with little people, as anytime one comes by, something bad happens.

    John goes into his office and yells at his patient, Vinny, for not taking care of himself. He asks John to take him to the gym the next time he goes. Linda comes back inside, after getting a box of donuts. She complains about the man at the donut shop, who treated her rudely because of her hair color, in her opinion. John comes out with Vinny, and John asks about joining a gym.

    The next morning, John comes into the diner to get some coffee. John's wearing some old clothes as he's getting ready to go to the gym. Everyone makes fun of John because he's not been to a gym since 1988. John then rants on about little people, and John's water deliveryman is in there, and he confronts John on his problem with little people.

    At the gym, John and Vinny come in, but John gets stopped about a membership. John's old membership is expired, and is forced to join again.

    Back at the office, Linda is yelling at a patient about being late, but John's not there yet. John then comes in, still wearing his exercise clothes. John tells Margaret that Vinny had a heart attack, and that's why he was late.

    John sits down with Linda and Margaret about Vinny and his poor health. John did CPR on Vinny and he was taken to the hospital.

    At the diner, Reggie and Jake are trying to pound a nail in the wall when Bob comes in with a twisted ankle. It seems Bob has had a terrible day. Arnaldo comes in with Bob's wallet, which Bob left in Arnaldo's van. When Reggie tries to hit the nail, she hits Jake's fingers. Jake thinks that Arnaldo really is bad luck, as does Bob. Just as Arnaldo is leaving, John comes in and tells everyone about Vinny.

    At John's office, Linda brings in some paperwork and tells him about a patient of his. John doesn't treat Linda quite as well as she had hoped, so she yells at him about it.

    At the hospital, John comes in to see Vinny, who seems to be improving. John tries talking to Vinny about how he feels really bad and wonders if he failed as his doctor. Vinny tells John that he shouldn't blame himself, and that it's his own fault. This comforts John and he leaves.

    Back at the diner, there's a fire in the kitchen, and Arnaldo just happens to be sitting at the counter. Everyone's getting much more suspicious of him. John comes in and is scolded by Arnaldo. John asks him to sit down and apologizes to him for everything. A man walks up to him and gives him a notice that he's being sued by Vinny for malpractice. They all look at Arnaldo, who decides it's time to leave.

    This is the start of the Vinny episodes, which I didn't really enjoy as much as others, but the plot with Arnaldo was pretty funny.
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